Day 41- Small But I’m Happy

First week of school coming to a close and let me tell you….it was rough a rough week. I am finally getting caught back up to where I wanted to be academically (in other words ahead). I admit for a while there I had the whole “it’s the end of the world” type thoughts runningContinue reading “Day 41- Small But I’m Happy”

Day 40- Gotta Keep On Fighting

I love hard and intensely. When I feel my heart is threatened, I build up walls to avoid the pain that has always come from feeling anything at all. I am afraid of being left behind but prepare for it by pushing away, so I never have to worry about it happening. Oh Life, HowContinue reading “Day 40- Gotta Keep On Fighting”

Day 38- Good Morning Depression

I am on a familiar edge. I don’t know why I feel as I do these days. I don’t feel good enough for anyone. I feel like just another birthmother. I don’t feel like I can talk to anyone because no one can understand what I am feeling. Everything I say offends someone. I feelContinue reading “Day 38- Good Morning Depression”

Day 37-Nothing

Well, the first day of school did not start the way I planned although I feel I am almost on track. Sunday was a really good day till Bailey decided to split open his toe nail so I had to sit at the vet’s office for a couple hours till the vet could pull hisContinue reading “Day 37-Nothing”

Day 36- From My Baby-mama

Kateri asked me to describe her briefly so that she could use that as a basis for at least one blog entry. As her baby mama, I feel like I know her pretty well so I’m in a good position to do so. Let’s get to it, shall we? The words I would use toContinue reading “Day 36- From My Baby-mama”