I Tried

I am nothing. I am not holding on, I can’t. Sometimes people get to a point where they realize so many people would be better off without them, and sometimes one can already see those changes. Friends and family pull away and eventually there is no one left to talk to, no shoulder left toContinue reading “I Tried”

Day 45- Its My Friday!

I woke up very off this morning and a tad bit emotional but physically feeling pretty well. I cannot wait till daylight savings time so its lighter earlier. I do get uneasy being out alone in the dark. I do not like the dark in general actually…. but enjoy night time in some contradictory way.Continue reading “Day 45- Its My Friday!”

Day 44- I Am Here

I started the day by oversleeping. What do I write about when life is good? It is stressful, but good. I am very boring to myself. Right now, my life is work, school, and trying my best to make time for my family. Even though school just started last week, I haven’t seen my daughterContinue reading “Day 44- I Am Here”

Day 43-Fucking Mondays

I am alive and well peeps, I wouldn’t intentionally miss a post. I woke up this morning feeling absolutely great but then I got to work, and it was a total shit show. I ran around ragged all day at work. I survived the day and once I got home, I hit the books. MyContinue reading “Day 43-Fucking Mondays”

Day 41- Small But I’m Happy

First week of school coming to a close and let me tell you….it was rough a rough week. I am finally getting caught back up to where I wanted to be academically (in other words ahead). I admit for a while there I had the whole “it’s the end of the world” type thoughts runningContinue reading “Day 41- Small But I’m Happy”