Day 33- Just Keep Swimming

I wonder if they cried…. I wonder if I cried… Those were the questions I asked myself when I read about the priest scandals in Pennsylvania. I remember very specific details of the man who molested me the most. I can remember being on top and him showing me what to do, so I amContinue reading “Day 33- Just Keep Swimming”

No Real Subject

Another restless night. I suppose I should be happy though, 6 hours and 58 minutes of sleep and 70% sleep quality. Still only a 14% REM cycle and it happened pretty much all at once towards the end of my sleep rather than a cycle. I think I will be buying some melatonin. We allContinue reading “No Real Subject”

Day 31-A Bad Soap Opera

I have always had an ideal image of who I would like to be, but it hasn’t been until the two years or so that I have started striving to make it reality. Until I got pregnant with my daughter, I never really kept my mind straight enough to make a long-term goal, nonetheless actContinue reading “Day 31-A Bad Soap Opera”

Just Sadness

You ever wake up one day feeling strong and just really good and everything is good? And then its not?  You shower, dress nice, put your makeup on perfectly, and just feel really good, and than you don’t, because you realize again every way you feel is wrong. You love wrong, you care wrong, youContinue reading “Just Sadness”

Insomnia Is Still Here

Insomnia is a bitch, but is it still insomnia when you can sleep for 12 hours but wake up 6 times and never hit more than 10 percent rem a night? I’m sure it is actually, I just don’t have my psychology books to confirm it. I activated my free trial for my sleep appContinue reading “Insomnia Is Still Here”