Who Am I?

Well, something randomly weird happened today. I had a coworker who came up to me, a coworker who is amazingly nice and funny, whom was like “I didn’t know you were an author!” And in my mind I was thinking oh jeez, here comes the wrath. Like for someone who is as open as IContinue reading “Who Am I?”

Sup Peeps :)

Hello peeps, its been awhile, thats okay though, to be honest life has been very stressful with a lot of highs and lows, but such is the beauty of living. So I am not sure how many of you follow my TikToks, but if you have not heard I did end up finding God. ItContinue reading “Sup Peeps :)”

Trying something out 🤪🤪🤪

Trying to figure out how to link my TikToks to my wordpress….without having to upload a video every time. But if I do have to upload a video, can you still see my TikTok page?

Be Yourself

I wonder, how many of us feel strange inside?Do many of us feel we are too weird within?I wonder, how many of us hide who we really are?Do we all fear being judged if we were ourselves?I wonder, how different I am than you?Do I fear being judged by those whom are the same asContinue reading “Be Yourself”

A Beautiful Day

Good Morning! Its a gorgeous sunny, deep blue sky day with not a single cloud. Its a comfortable 67 as I type with the windows open. I have my incense going with a cup of coffee right beside me, yup, its a good morning. I even got to sleep in. Last night I remembered IContinue reading “A Beautiful Day”