My Daily TikToks

Unbreakablekitten-follow me on TikTok 😊 Wanna donate to my sorry butt? It will be much appreciated I promise 😀 CashApp $unbreakablekitten Venmo: kitten0080 Nah, I won’t beg for money from my readers. Just letting it be know the option is there. Well, I am watching The Purge series, not bad, but I’ll be signing off.Continue reading “My Daily TikToks”

Who Am I?

Well, something randomly weird happened today. I had a coworker who came up to me, a coworker who is amazingly nice and funny, whom was like “I didn’t know you were an author!” And in my mind I was thinking oh jeez, here comes the wrath. Like for someone who is as open as IContinue reading “Who Am I?”

Sup Peeps :)

Hello peeps, its been awhile, thats okay though, to be honest life has been very stressful with a lot of highs and lows, but such is the beauty of living. So I am not sure how many of you follow my TikToks, but if you have not heard I did end up finding God. ItContinue reading “Sup Peeps :)”