Your Super Detox (Pre-day+Day 1 Start)



So I guess I will be starting my detox a day early (tomorrow), which is fine I guess, might as well get it over with. So this morning I was 173.4, but I also ate quite a few veggie tacos yesterday too and I ate right before bed and got up early. We all know weight fluctuates A LOT and that those numbers don’t necessarily mean much, especially when its within a few pounds from the day before at 166.8. I also donated yesterday and they put that extra saline in me as well. So, yeah, not overly concerned with the weight fluctuation. That being said, I did still feel the need to record it for a before and after. I will record it again in the morning.

Issues That I Am Hoping Will Improve

So lets go over some physical ‘ailments” I have been experiencing. Since I have been leading a very lazy ass life lately, I have noticed big time my knees and lower back ache a lot. This is to be expected when I have pretty much been sitting on my butt non stop. When it is nice I will take Bailey for a walk but its been pretty bitter lately. When I go down the stairs my knees crack pretty loud. I know the way to fix that is to strengthen them but since the gym is still closed its hard to work them the way I should. I could get home weights but those really add up in cost. I am just really hoping the gym opens back up soon. The governor announced yesterday they will start to reopen things so that is great, like finally! Another thing that has been bothering me is my neck and way upper back. I think this is because I have been looking down a lot and slouching a lot when I am sitting. I have also been noticing some unpleasant skin issues, like eczema almost. Transitioning to all natural products is really helping but I do feel my diet has a lot to do with the issues. I have also been having some weird foggy headaches. I have been trying to cut down on caffeine, only four cups of tea a day, so, detoxing from caffeine could be very beneficial, especially with sleep, because my sleep has been cruddy. Mainly my mind not shutting up and just never being able to get comfortable.


Well my Your Super Detox came in, and I am fairly pleased so far.

One of the books it came with said I could start with the Super Green today if I wanted to so I of course did. I also did the Mellow Yellow because why not get a start on the inflammation part sooner?

So the Super Green weirdly tasted like I was drinking grass. I know that sounds gross but it really wasn’t lol. The Mellow Yellow was fairly bland to be honest, but had a weird chalky turmeric and ginger taste. Both were easy to drink. I took pictures of what each mix is beneficial for.

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So pretty much I start my day with the Super Green, and can mix that with the Mellow Yellow if I would like and even the Skinny Protein. For lunch I have a plant based meal, the book comes with quite a few recipes, and have a Super Green shot along with it. The Super Green shot is the Super Green of course with water and lemon. And for dinner I have the Forever Beautiful smoothie which is the Forever Beautiful, Mellow Yellow, and the Skinny Protein. There are recipes for alternative smoothies as well to make them taste better I am assuming.  I am going to try to stay as basic as possible this first time around.

I took Bailey for a walk and had the Forever Beautiful for lunch. I just mixed it with a couple black berries and strawberries, not many at all because I do not want a high carb count, and mixed it with water. To be honest it is quite delicious! While I am quite excited to start this detox, I cannot count today as I had black and green tea this morning. I also had some low carb tortilla veggie tacos, and the shells are processed. But at least I have those vitamins and nutrients being pumped through me now.

Today 23Apr2020


Well, today is officially the first day of my detox. I woke up feeling sluggish since I had a hard time falling asleep. I don’t know if I mentioned it but I was starting to take melatonin again, which yes, we all know its not good for me to take that. But the past few nights I have been taking myself off it, so mix that with the body aches, it was a lot of tossing and turning. So to start of my day I am using the Your Super Energy Bomb. This one is not a part of the Detox Pack but it was a sample, and it was advised to start the first day with it. While I am writing this I actually do feel myself not feeling so groggy. It has a weird earthy taste, but I am not fully sure what it is. Its not terrible, I just put it in water but I think it would have tasted better in some warm toasted coconut almond milk.

The scale was 169 this morning. Like I said before I do not put a lot of faith in the numbers. I can say that I feel bloated and gross this morning. My skin is still feeling itchy, it might honestly be the stress of the past couple months. Mix that with a very poor diet and lack of exercise and good things cant be expected to happen.

So actually…..I feel as if I would have after I had my morning tea. I cannot say everyone would feel like this because if I would have been my old self where I drank a pot of coffee for breakfast and another pot for lunch, I probably wouldn’t feel much. But since I only really drink tea now for breakfast, I do feel quite awake now. 

I woke up to rain this morning. I have missed rain. I am thinking more these days of my ideal house and location. I do see some parts and I hope to manifest them someday. But I think I want a house on the outskirts of town. I don’t want to actually be IN the city I don’t think but close enough that I can quickly drive into work. I want a nice big yard for dogs, because my plan is to still foster. But I also want trees and a creek. I want a porch too where I can sit at and write while its raining. I guess I don’t even fully care if its close to town, even a 15-20 minute drive wouldn’t be terrible.

So the book guide for the detox really recommends exercise to get the body moving. I plan to take Bailey on some walks today, to be honest….I can’t feel his ribs anymore and he jiggles as much as me, so I think the vet would not be happy. So, its time for a lifestyle change for the both of us. But he also seems so happy and peaceful sleeping and being lazy too. It also really pushes the water intake. So we will go for a nice walk this morning and than I will come back, have my morning Super Green detox drink and down the water like there is no tomorrow. This will actually work well too because I have to donate plasma tonight and the more hydrated you are the faster you get done.

Well peeps, I am going to go get started on this wonderful day. It is done raining so I can go on my walk. Have a good day!

A Long Blabber About Spiritual Awakening

I came up with a theory the other day. In Wicca, they believe shamans could be made if they go through traumatic experiences that have completely changed their course of life. A simple search on google for childhood trauma and the spiritual connection fuels thousands of results. There are many who experience childhood trauma, trillions throughout the life of humanity probably, but what causes one to be “different” so to say?

Different as in not another victim, or “survivor victim.” I am sure we all know someone who brags about how strong they are and are “over it” but still cower and feel as if everything can kill them or everyone is out to get them. But different as in they have that sixth sense in a way.

Also when I talk about spiritual awakening, I do not mean finding god or religion. There are many religions and many versions of god or gods, but that is another thing I will dive into because I just had another thought lol.

When we sleep we are said to be closest to the spiritual realm, whatever you believe this to be. It is believed by many that children can see things that adults can’t, some say spirts, some say angels, the beliefs go on and on. I feel there is a connection between them all though. If children black out through traumatic experiences, and they are already able to still “be” a part of the spiritual world so to say, at least see it, than what if when they black out their spirit is actually leaving their body? Astral projection is said to allow the mind or spirit to leave the body. But if the child’s spirit is repeatedly leaving the body while they black out during numerous accounts of molestation or other traumatic experiences, then it would make sense if they grow up feeling closer to that world than others would. And maybe they don’t know they feel closer to that world, maybe they just know they don’t feel close to this world, which could explain a few roots pertaining to disorders associated with childhood abuse.

Speaking of psychology, probably now more than ever science is realizing the connection between the mind body and spirit, of course this was already believed by a few ancients.  But if this is true, than how many disorders are based on a broken cycle within the body? I mean, they have found that a healthy keto diet can help people with epilepsy, but its also been found people who go vegetarian have a higher immune system, as long as its not processed of course. I personally feel the connection is getting rid of processed foods helps heal the body and in turn, help heal the cycle of mind body and spirit. We all have different DNA and different cultures, so everyone’s dietary needs are different, but none of us were meant to have so much processed foods in our life, long term, it only does nasty stuff to the body and leads to cancer and whatnot. But now that I have described my thoughts about that, back to the point.

There has to be something else that happens though that gets a victim of child abuse to the point of being able to “access” that world again so to say when they are older. When I say access I don’t mean disappearing into the spiritual realm. The body is three dimensional, if the spiritual realm is another dimension our physical being cannot access it. But I mean like mind and sprit wise, being able to feel it and just “know” things, and also see things in dreams. What causes victims to have this awakening though? Maybe that is the mental and body aspect. When someone doesn’t feel good they look for quick fixes. So if we are groggy in the morning we grab a cup of coffee, if we are emotionally drained from something we grab a drink, for many abuse victims, if they are feeling alone and depressed they often fill that void with self destruction. We all feel the need to grab something that is a part of this world but not many of us just sit and try to grab something from the spiritual realm. But there are the few who do, and maybe trauma victims are more prone to because they feel that pull from the realm more so than others would.

A few months ago while I was in bed, for some reason I was thinking that if I had told myself anything before coming into this life, what would it be? (In the context that our spirit exists before and after this body and that this body is just a trial) and for some reason my thoughts were “don’t fall for the material things, find your way back.” I don’t know why for that moment in bed I felt as if this life was a test. I know this does align with some religious beliefs of life being a trial for heaven and salvation, but I do not believe its that simple at all, and I really REALLY hope that the life after this is merely praising and bowing down to one spiritual being. That in itself I feel very human like actually. Humanity has always needed rulers, it doesn’t feel very spiritual.

So, apologies for the long thoughts, it was not meant to be so long lol. Also, I did mention Wicca in the beginning but now that I am studying up on it I do not feel that is where my beliefs lie, but I do feel it is a part of the connection as is religion to the spiritual realm, they are on the same level in my mind.

Example, there are major connections between prayer and life events, as in prayer healing and causing “miracles.” In Wicca they use magic so to say to have events happen. I personally believe both are just using energy as they see fit. Mind, body, spirit, if you believe what you are doing will change something than the energy will follow.

And with that, I will end todays post, there my mind goes again LOL. On a VERY positive note, my detox kit will actually be here today, woooo! Well, I had better go shower, have a good day peeps!

New Crystals :)

Listening to : Jawsh 685- Laxed (siren beats) : Greatest song to get you hyped for the day

Ohhhh mehhh gawwwwd I am so excited, my Your Super Detox was shipped yesterday  and will be here Thursday, if I think of it as the day after tomorrow it seems pretty close. It works out perfectly because I will need to donate also and I do not want to be detoxing while doing that. Since my stimulus check is lost in limbo I don’t want to cut myself short, especially since I am having a reading done Saturday. I am hoping this is the last week I will have to donate. My body really can’t handle it much longer. I will donate tonight and Thursday, and than Friday I should do be able to detox. Which also works out great because the hardest part will be over the weekend and I can keep myself busy without trying to concentrate on work at a desk.

So even though I am not detoxing till later this week the past week I have really been tryin to eat better. I have gone pretty much full keto pescatarian. I did try vegetarian but I didn’t realize vegetarians didn’t eat seafood and it was actually pescatarian that does. I love my seafood and my whole thing of not eating meat was animal cruelty, and fish don’t really feel pain. I still stay away from farmed seafood though as that is just disgusting. But I did feel the need to take it a little further by going keto for awhile because I was also eating a lot of junk food, because lets face it, there is a lot of junk processed foods advertised to non-meat eaters. I still would eat wild game. I would like to eventually learn how to hunt, humanely of course. I have occasionally eaten cheese but even that I am trying to stay away from because of the lactose intolerance. I found a very appetizing coconut almond milk, Califia Toasted Coconut Almond Milk, its only a carb per serving and has a nutty aftertaste. I do like Silk but what I was finding was the sugar content was really adding to my indulgence and the sugar free one was pretty gross to me. The past week has been a lot of salads, mainly because its been gorgeous weather and salad and iced tea with a bright sun go together. I have also been eating berries since they are lower carb and are on sale right now. I have been eating a little fish but not much. I just haven’t been overly hungry. It really helps to have work preoccupy my mind. By eating really well I already feel my tummy working harder, so I am really looking forward to the detox.

Also as promised, here are some more crystals I have acquired from the crystal shop. 



So the heart is Tree Agate- A stone for inner peace. Releases fear and anger, calming ones nerves.  Brings awareness to universal love and awareness. It attracts prosperity, and increases optimism. Will improve physical balance and strengthens in times of stress. Will provide a deep   connection to nature and Mother Earth. Heals plants. Aids digestive system and connects energy bodies.

Smokey Quartz with Lithium- Lithium Quartz-It is a super high energy healing stone and is said to be self-clearing and self-cleansing. Lithium quartz sends and receives energy as well as storing it. It is balancing and calming, and is used in crystal healing as a natural anti-depressant. Emotionally and other ways, it is said to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension, bringing hope, relaxation and peace. It works in a gentle and slow but steady and powerful manner. It is used to heal repressed grief and anger, as well as emotional issues from past lives.

Smoky Quartz-Helps to heal the kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, and fertility issues.  It centers and grounds you, helping to uncover subconscious wisdom. Transforms and removes negative energy. It protects and cleanses the aura and astral bodies. It can also help with psychic shielding, nightmares, hyperactivity, and ADHD.

So having them combined makes this crystal a favorite of mine.

Sunstone- Creates a shield of protection around the body. Aids with digestion. Connects with the vibration of love, forgiveness and spiritual illumination. Dispels shyness and hesitation. Increases self-acceptance. Clears entire auric field.

And the Peridot (also known as the Volcanic Gem, if you ever get a chance to smell the lava rock it comes from, that is how I remember volcanos smelling) –  Made By Hand with Natural Stone.  Purifies the body, aids digestion, aids sleep, balances glandular system, aids heart, lungs, pancreas spleen, liver, lymph system, and stomach; reduces depression, stress, anger, fear, and jealousy. Increases confidence and relieves anxiety.

The set of stones and bracelet are the same. They are

Green Adventurine- Opens up the energy of the heart, attracting new opportunities. Helps you to overcome feelings of self-doubt. Facilitates tranquility in ones life. Aids perception, increases independence, and originality. Enhances health and healing as well as releases old blocks and fears. It balances male and female energies so one can feel more centered and connected. Opens heart chakra.

Malachite-This stone aids creativity, enhances the development of intuition, strengthens the heart (both physical and emotional healing). Transforms and helps with change and spiritual evolution. Helps clear and activate all chakras, stabilizes energy, and helps with emotional balancing. Great for kids to help with ADHD and nightmares. Brings prosperity and abundance into the home. A stone of protection for self and in travel.

Rose Quartz- A heart stone that inspires love in oneself and in others. Has a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, and healing. Allows one to truly give and receive love from others. Provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment.  Physically, it helps to heal skin disorders such as blisters and burns.  It also heals circulatory problems.

Rhodonite- A stone of grace and elegance. It decreases anxiety while increasing attention to detail. Works beneficially for the heart chakra, opening one to unconditional love.
Increases service to mankind. Helps with inner growth and self-love.

Jade-A calming stone, used to balance nerves and heart rhythm. It helps to recharge energy. A crystal of love, trustworthiness, and fidelity. Helps to heal feelings of guilt and low self worth. Protection from bullying, Intimidation, deception, authoritarian abuse, and sexism.

Amazonite- Soothes worries and fears. Enhances creativity, faith, and hope. Great for dissipating energy blocks, it calms emotions and aids in meditation. Can help to attune one to the spiritual realm. Known as the “Stone of Truth and Courage.” It helps one to see both sides of a situation. Balancing feminine and masculine energies, it can bring about equality on multiple levels. Physically helps with nerve disorders, muscle spasms, and healing after illness. Aids in cell regeneration.

Prehnite- It enhances precognition and inner knowing. Unconditional love. Crystal to heal the healer. Repairs connective tissue. Beneficial for hyperactive children and the causes of the condition.  Alleviates fears. It is a stone for dreaming and remembering. Helps you to connect to beings on the higher spiritual planes, and enhances spiritual growth.  Works with both the heart and solar chakras.

So all of these together I have really felt a difference. I of course still have my other stones which work very well also for their intended purposes, I just am someone who needs a lot more self love and I am working on that, and these definitely help.

Also, if you want a face cream that is non greasy, organic, no harsh chemicals, and extremely moisturizing, this one I found from the shop is better than anything I have tried from any store, even Clinique.

Also, I am not trying to sell anyone anything, just these are products I find to really love. I  still find Clinique to be the best makeup I have tried, also expensive, but I am not trying to sell anyone that too. Its just my favs is all.

Also a new favorite for my body is taking a tea bath with pink Himalayan salt and a little essential oil. My skin has never felt better.

The shop does have a new CBD oil I want to try soon. Its from Colorado. They grow the plants in grids and harvest them with prayer and each bottle has its own crystal. That is another reason I love this shop, the owners travel all around the country looking for what can fit their standards, and not just everything can, in facts most can’t, they really do their research, so I am hoping good results with the oil when I am able to buy it.

Well, I suppose that will be all for today. I have to “go to” work. I was mainly wanting to show off my crystals as I have not blogged in awhile. I really need to be more disciplined. To be honest I almost thought about deleting the blog. I was starting to feel like I was expected to blog. I suppose thats what happens with numbers, you want them to keep going up. I really do enjoy blogging, I just had to find that love again. And with that, have a good day peeps!

Good Morning :)

Hello my fellow readers, I am alive and doing well. I have had a few ups and downs but I am sure that is everyone right now. So…. lets get to it.

So I was able to find a job, but its only a temp till the end of June. Its 17/hr though so combine that with the stimulus I should almost get caught up by the time the job is over. I am also going to eventually work at Crystal Rock Healing too, the owners are just waiting for the right time to have me start. The temp job is Monday-Friday 8-5 so weekends will most definitely work. I am not sure what I will do once the temp job is over, but that is the future, I can’t really worry about that, after all, it’s not even guaranteed.

I am excited to help out at the shop though, we all know I love that place. I will take some updated pictures of my crystals later for tomorrows blog. I have gotten some new items to help with self love; bracelet, pocket stones, heart stone, heart chakra oil, and a uplifting essential oil spray. I do legit feel they are working, it has been a few days of using them. One thing I noticed big time (just not while I was falling back a little) was since I have pretty much been at home for two months I was not really wearing any of my crystals, because some days I wouldn’t even get dressed, and if I did for not long at all, mainly just to run to the store. So I eventually started feeling really off and very sensitive around people. Luckily now I am back to wearing what I have, and I do get dressed regularly now, it just makes the day better, you know?

So there was a little fall with the bulimia, not terrible though. I mean, it probably wasted a hundred dollars, honestly probably more, but thats addiction for you. I think a lot of people are probably battling with their minds right now, and I do think that is a good thing. I imagine it to be fairly rough for some people, after all, I have unknowingly mentally prepared for these weird times. I dread to think where I would be at if this happened like three years ago, or shit, if I never changed at all. I would be a drunken bipolar mess right now. Speaking of which, I actually did drink, turns out I really do hate it lol. That’s a simple explanation really, I felt like reason I couldn’t drink was because others around me in a way told me I couldn’t? So, I guess I felt defiant? Rebellious? We all know I am terrible with words. Anyways, I pretty much said fuck it. Hmm, so my mind could not actually get drunk, like my body did, but my mind felt nauseous. I also dealt with a 2 day hangover for about 6 Truly’s? So, I have hated for awhile the aura around drinking, like in terms of how people act, myself included, and the negatives that surround it, because theres a ton. I never actually really hated the feeling of not having control, not while actually drinking. So yeah, interesting little thing there. My mind enjoys being alert I suppose. So yeah, now that I have been using my crystals again, have been meditating, walking, all that jazz, the bulimia has been gone and the drinking was just a learning lesson I guess.

Which now gets me into my next thing. I will be getting another reading from Kaiiva this coming weekend. I was able to find my birth certificate, so I was born at 730 apparently, right on the dot lol. I am hoping she can give me a better idea of my path. Like I have been strengthening my spiritual foundation and it has definitely helped my mental and physical well being, after all, they are all connected. Now with all the uncertainty I just kind of want a little guidance. I do feel it is time to let some relationships go, I mean, I already have in the past few years, but when it comes to the heart I just want some paths narrowed I suppose. I have always seen ripples, but now I am feeling like I am part of the roots of a tree and in order to grow, my roots need to be strong. So, we will see what she says. She has already said I am not dying anytime soon lol. I feel another part of me changing again, is that so unexpected theses days? Not really. Am I special or am I just suffering the beginning stages of schizophrenia?

I have also been feeling like I need a fresh “cleaning” I guess you can call it. I have been trying to find ways that can clean my atmosphere. Of course I have been smudging for awhile now and I do feel that has helped dramatically, just that I feel is more “energy” cleaning so to say. I have been looking at plants to grow inside my apartment, and have also planted vegetable seeds so I can put them on my balcony. I am currently growing bell peppers, two kinds of tomato’s, peas, sage, and rosemary. This is my first year growing vegetables on my balcony so I am not expecting anything grand lol. But I will eventually get some flowers to hang on my balcony also. I did buy two plants to hang, they are non toxic to cats. I originally thought of putting them on my counter but I like the idea of hanging from my ceilings better. I plan to have about 8-10 plants total. I might even have a couple little succulents. But plants are good for purifying the air.


I cleaning the energy and purifying the air down. Another thing I did was buy a salt lamp because that is also good for cleaning the air, also I do not have near the amount of plants that I want so it is good to help till than. I do feel it works great, I just don’t know if  this is mental or not, either way, I feel better. The next thing I will be focusing on is my physical cleaning. I bought the Your Super Detox kit. I have been reading great reviews on it. I am not a huge fan of starving myself on a fast, like I know fasting works great, but as someone who’s bulimia likes to trickle back, I just would rather keep nutrients going through my body. So, that should hopefully come in the next week. So with that, I will have clear energy flow, great air quality, and physical well being. This should create a wonderful internal cycle. I have attached a couple photos of my plants, also, again, this if my first time growing seeds so please no judging on the crappy planting lol. They will be going into cups soon individually.

I also do plan to write daily about my detox too. I am not sure how much it will mess with me mentally, I have ready the shakes keep you pretty full, and you are still able to eat a little too if need be. Oh yeah, I have also been walking more too with Bailey because fresh air and exercise is great for the body.

I attempted to post some videos but it will of course not let me since I am not a premium member right now. When I get my stimulus check I do plan on signing up for that again. I have lost so many readers lol. Until than, feel free to add me onto Snapchat kitten0080. I don’t really snap anything great or special, especially now that the world is shut down, but I do have some beautiful walks.

Also, here’s some pictures of Bailey and the cats, in case anyone has missed them.

So that will be all I have today. I need to get to working but just wanted to update everyone. It’s weird times and I am sure everyone is going through their own shit right now, but some uplifting stuff should hopefully make someone feel a little better? Have a good day peep, be good to yourselves. Remember that its okay to fall and take a step back as long as you get back up. Let love into your heart, and listen, not just with your ears or eyes, but the energy around you. Goodbye. 🙂

Stay Strong

Not much today peeps, stay alert and vigilant. Don’t wait for a government check to survive, start looking for jobs NOW. This is far from over, and the world depression that will follow this will be like nothing we have seen before. Get ahead of the group thats waiting. Waiting will make you homeless. Be safe, stay strong, and focus, don’t lose sights of your goals.

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