Your Super Detox-13.6 lbs LOST



10:19 AM

Well, Bailey and I did our 2-3 mile walk this morning.

I have no avocado today and do not feel like going to the store for the obvious reasons that its just a pain in the ass to go these days. So since I have no avocado I am using real butter as some fat today. I do not believe in margarine at all and find all the ingredients disturbing. Plus real butter just tastes better. So I am having my first bag of steamed broccoli and cauliflower with butter, pink Himalayan salt, and pepper. The plan for the detox says to stay away from salt, but since I am not eating anything with sodium such as  beans, I have continued to use Himalayan salt. It is one of the best salts for you anyways. I am very happy I had the matcha this morning, but I am still excited to get back to real caffeine lol.


Welp, that butter….talk about kick starting the colon. I am not sure if thats what happened but yup…..that was the worst smelling poo I have had in awhile, smelled like fermented rotted vegetables.


Well, I ended my 5 day detox at 5 tonight. I was feeling light headed and knew I needed protein in me. I did not feel bad about this because I had pretty much started it on Wednesday afternoon when I got my items, so really….it was pretty much a 5 day detox all together. When I got on the scale it said 162, so a little over ten pounds lost in five days. I fully expect to gain a few back. Since I was feeling weak and knew I desperately needed more protein I had a sirloin steak for dinner. Yes yes I know…its meat, but I feel great too. I wish there weren’t so many mixed feelings with meat.


I FEEL FUCKING GREAT! So…final verdict with Your Super Detox, its FUCKING AMAZING.  The day before the detox I was 173.4, today I am 159.8…159.8!!! so..I am mega pleased. While I know a good chunk of this is NOT fat, think about all that excess water bloat and toxic buildup I had running through me!!! My body feels great, except sore because after I ate my steak last night I had so much energy so went on another walk, so yesterday Bailey and I had in seven miles of walking. Poor pup is exhausted, but we both need to get healthy.

So fun fact I read about this morning, some human remains were found up north of town. At first I thought this was mega weird and I hope they identify them to give family closure as we have quite a few missing people up here, especially natives (and north does have a lot of low/poverty natives) but reading the comments to the story, turns out the park up North is built on an old cemetery! I used to drive near that area when I was a mail carrier but never gave it a second thought.

So here is a story I found, a little history of the area. While I do not think I believe there is a woman in blue, because I have only seen shadows, and it seems weird that we would wear clothes in the afterlife, I do think there are probably some spirits possible running around. Mainly I think there could still be spirits there because they were poor and poverty class which normally holds much trauma. I haven’t seen anything since I was a kid though, so I wouldn’t mind seeing something as an adult so I know it wasn’t just childhood imagination. Anyways….totally cool.

So I just had my first cup of green tea (ONE tea bag) in over 5 days soooo, I am ready to go out and have a nice beautiful walk. Sorry to cut short, I just feel great! Have a good day everyone!

P.S- The featured image is the dream catcher I will be getting this weekend. Its made with Tigers Eye.

Day 4 Your Super Detox


3:48 PM

Today has been a good day. I had my drink this morning, Super Green, Mellow Yellow, and Skinny Protein mixed up with water and flax seeds….highly DO NOT recommend the flax seeds because it makes it slimy lol, so…it was hard to choke down LOL. I had my big salad for lunch, another early lunch. After lunch I had my green shot, so Super Green mixed with lemon juice, which…if your not used to adding fresh lemon juice from lemons to stuff, start with small squeezes. I had a small amount of chili pistachios for a snack and than mixed my Your Beautiful in with some iced herbal tea and its delicious. I have a small headache in between my eyes, but nothing like before. My knees feel great actually and I can barely feel any ache in my back.

This morning Bailey and I went on a small walk because we had a play date this after noon and I didn’t want him to be too tired. I would say he got quite a bit of good exercise in from playing fetch. I however did not get many steps in sooo, I think I will go on a walk by myself tonight.

I kind of do want to go to bed fairly early tonight. I am just feeling weird, like head wise. I think it is still lack of caffeine and since I have work tomorrow I do not want to be unfocused. Its kinda funny to have my head still in a cafunkle because I always thought I did really good on the caffeine after quitting coffee for the most part. Well, tomorrow is my last day, I am going to make it a good one.


Well, I am eating a salad, spring mix with cucumber, avocado, and seeds. Nothing fancy but I felt hunger coming on. I haven’t eaten my last salad since like 11 this morning. There is a difference between feeling hungry and being hungry. One thing I do not want to do is be used to hunger. Remember, I am someone who fasted for days at a time so I would lose weight. Honestly the better term is starve. But anyways, I figure as long as I keep good fresh vegetables running through me, a salad isn’t going to hurt, and will honestly probably help quite a bit to keep me on track for my last day tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to make my main course a lot of steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and I mean A LOT, mainly because steamed vegetables are easier to digest, and also because I have a crap load of them LOL. Anyways, I am very proud of myself for being on DAY 4 OF THIS! Like for real, I feel very good. And I do not have a pounding headache for once. I took another tea bath with pink Himalayan salt. Yeah, I just feel very good.



5:54 AM

Wellllll, I actually feel really good this morning. I did not sleep very well last night though, we had a thunder boomer around midnight and the windows were open so I woke up and than my mind did its wonderful brain storming. Don’t know what to tell you about that brain of mine. I am starting this morning off with the Power Matcha because of that though. I know it has a small amount of caffeine, less than a bag of tea even, and I know the detox says not to use it till after, but Mondays are the busiest days with work and since I am new I do not want to fall behind or be thought of as slow. The Your Super Facebook page, when asked, does say to use your best judgement. Also, when I used the Energy Bomb on the first day I think that was meant for a pre-detox lol, because I guess that contains caffeine as well, oops. First time around, I am learning lol. Honestly what matters is how I feel.

That being said, I am SOOOOOOOooooooooooo excited to eat some good food tomorrow. I do GREATLY feel that this is a great jump start to a low carb diet and I do GREATLY feel like its good to do once a month. I just will have to learn to make better smoothies. I should probably buy some keto sticks to see if I am actually in ketosis. I probably am, yesterday I had the keto mouth, if you’ve ever done low carb you probably know what this is.

Today will be lots of steamed vegetables. I am not had a bowel movement in two days so I am really hoping that the steamed vegetables will kick start it because I know my tummy is digesting. So, I plan to go overboard with the vegetables, and raw vegetables are harder to digest, thus why they make me very bloated and gassy. We will see how that goes.

Well peeps, I had better shower and take Bailey for his morning walk. Have a good day y’all!

Day 3- Your Super Detox


10:51 AM

Well, Bailey and I did a two mile walk but I could tell he was getting tired so we came back. He has been working hard lately. When I got home I noticed I was feeling lightheaded so I decided to make my lunch early. Another very loaded salad and of course the chili pistachios because I am officially addicted.

I should let people know that even though I am not able to have many of the recipes provided because I am low carb, and even though I am only eating one meal a day, I am still making sure I am getting 20-25 grams of carbs and at least 1200 calories a day. It is also why I am not afraid to have the chili pistachios either, because even though they can add up quickly in terms of carbs, I am still staying in my macros. Also, if you are doing a keto detox, I highly recommend splurging on the avocados a little, they are a good high fat and will help keep you full.

4:46 PM

Well an early lunch has left me feeling hungry so I am having a fresh salad. Actually its like half the leftover from lunch.

6:53 PM

Bailey and I just got back from about a three mile walk. Now I am brewing some Twinnings Turmeric tea, it is a orange and star anise flavored herbal tea. I will be putting my Mellow Yellow in it. The reason I chose this tea in particular is because of my digestive system being messed up, I want all the extra goodness possible. I am about to take a tea bath with lavender and pink Himalayan salt. My lower abdomen feels tight. It does this occasionally. Its uncomfortable and bloated.


7:38 AM

I really miss caffeine. I will be so excited to have my first cup of green tea, I will keep it to a serving though. My scale was 164 this morning, but I mainly wanted to put that to show how the body weight fluctuates. I feel like I am a little constipated, my lower abdomen really hurts. I do wonder if I have chrones or IBS. I probably should have gotten the colonoscopy and endoscopy awhile back, but I don’t know, maybe a healthy lifestyle based on a fairly vegetable based diet can help. Too late now, if its not life or death chances are procedures are still a long way of being up and running again. Maybe with my smoothie today I will grind up some flax seeds.

So I had my astrology reading with Kaiva yesterday. It is really weird how my life was pretty much set out, like growing up and the past couple years. I mean, the past couple years is when I really started changing. 30 years is supposed to mark an important milestone in my chart I think, like the next six years is supposed to be full of development and growth. It also said I need to help people, which between the cards and the astrology reading, both saying that, both predicting the past couple years change, both knowing the turmoils and my future, I don’t know, logical me says its a coincidence, skeptical me says the reader has her own perception, but investigative me realizes they are all pretty spot on. She also said right now was a time for me to really start upgrading and bettering myself, which is kinda funny because I felt the need to detox and to upgrade my blog membership. I should also be getting some valuable relationships in my life the next few years. So…we will see.

I am feeling a little sore from all the walking, but my back feels good and my knees aren’t hurting so that is nice. I am hoping to take Bailey to the park today, I bought him a couple balls to fetch.

Day 2- Your Super Detox


Day 2 of the Your Super Detox got a little rough

7:30 AM

So it was fairly chilly this morning so we didn’t do our walk. It is supposed to be in the mid 60s so we will go for our longer walk tonight and go for a walk on lunch. I decided to  use the time as an opportunity to stretch. That felt pretty good actually.

I am now drinking my detox mixture, I combined Super Green, Skinny Protein, and Mellow Yellow in with my toasted coconut almond milk and I have to say that is a terrible combination but I am choking it down lol. I just wanted something with more substance, but next time will most definitely stick to water. Again, I know there are recipes but I am a simpleton in the mornings lol.

I feel sluggish mentally. Body wise though I feel good. I do not feel bloated. I will be downing liquids today.

So GOOD NEWS! My stimulus is scheduled to be sent out 29Apr2020. Ugh finally! It is so needed. My landlord called yesterday asking for rent so as long as the post office doesn’t lose it, I should be getting back up on my feet soon.

10:30 AM

Well, I have been feeling a desire to eat but I think that is pure habit. I have been drinking water and hot tea all morning. I am not hungry but the lack of caffeine does seem to be hitting me now and when I am tired I eat. It does not help that its another fairly slow day with work so I am sitting here looking at a screen bored. I am happy I stretched this morning, my back and joints are not really hurting like they were, but it also is not bitterly cold weather outside either which really gets them acting up. While I am excited to see how I feel at the end of the detox, I do fully plan on buying a bottle of the Crystal Rock Healing’s new CBD Oil. I did use CBD oil prior and it worked wonders, but I really like how this one is grown and harvested. I do not want to use anything while doing the detox either because I want to know exactly how the detox improves my health.

1:40 PM

I just got done with lunch and I might have overdid it a little but no worries. I had a extra large salad. It was the mixed iceberg salad, kale, green pepper, scallions, tomatoes, and two avocados with pumpkin seeds and pistachios. The sorta baaad thing though was the pistachios because they were chili flavored (artificial ingredients), but it was needed.

You see today I have been feeling sorta anxious and almost dreadful. I keep pushing it away because there is no legit reason for it. Like obvious there’s a pandemic but something feels so much bigger than that. I feel like I am being split between two thinking processes,

1. This is only the beginning of a major change. People will put the virus out of their minds but it wont actually go away, which in terms of viruses, is okay, we have gotten through much worst. But there’s this feeling that dominos have fallen and the virus is what really started it. I do not believe it was made in a Chinese lab, they were able to edit the AIDS virus out of embryos with Crispr…I would give them a lot more credit then to make a virus that is .66 of a percent deadly and none the less infects their own people. If anything, I would expect them to make their DNA immune to such a virus. No, I feel this is the direct “retaliation” of the planet against humanity. It is also an effect of the warming planet. Nature will always know how to keep balance, even if it means getting rid of humanity. We have been warned from years with the changing weather….and the last few especially with the dramatic increase in severe weather. So yes, I good part of me believes this is only the beginning of the end in a sense.

2. Another part, which I feel is mainly just false hope to make myself feel better, is that everything will be back to normal by the end of the year. I do not think I really believe this though….theres too many things at play. Theres too many people at the top of the food chain who are making decisions whom don’t have a clue what they are doing while others are using it, as I feel, to gain full control.

But anyone who follows me knows how my mind will run off on me with scenarios when I am not feeling great.


Welp, had the raunchiest decaying fowl smelling bowel movement. It was weirdly but understandably very green. I am also very thirsty. Normally though once I really start drinking water then I REALLY go at it so I am not sure this is abnormal.


Well….I am tracking the detox sooo…the nitty and gritty as well…and so there was another bowel movement.


I am having my, what was supposed to be with lunch, green drink. So the Super Green, Mellow Yellow, and Skinny Protein mixed with water….learned my lesson lol.


Bailey and I took a three mile walk. I have a headache going, its not terrible but definitely not pleasant. I’m sure its a caffeine withdrawal but I feel for anyone who lives on coffee.


I am exhausted and my head is starting to pound off and on. I just took a bath with Himalayan pink salt and lavender essential oil. Anyone who is doing this should be ready to experience the worst smelling gas and runs. To be honest though, its still nothing compared to when I changed to a primarily plant based diet.

I am excited for my reading tomorrow. I hope this pounding headache goes away by then. And with that I am going to bed.


So I slept quite a bit. I did wake up a little after three and was full of energy but common sense me said nooooo, and went back to sleep. So it is now 7:50, the sun is shining, I have the windows open for fresh air, its a great morning. I also had the worst stomach ache this morning but I feel great now. I should also mention that since causing havoc on my digestive system for 12 years with the bulimia, my bowel movements have never been “normal” so to say. Like they have been regular at times but a lot of things can really upset my tummy. So everyone might not have this experience.

This morning I mixed my Skinny Protein, Mellow Yellow, and Super Green with berries. Its not terrible, could have added more berries but I did not want to up my carb count too much. I think… would help a lot if it didn’t look exactly like what came out of me, but thats okay, years of bulimia has given me no gag reflex lol. I mainly wanted a higher carb count because I do have a busy day planned so will not eat a big lunch.

The scale said 162 this morning. I was not planning on checking my weight till after the detox but I just felt “lighter” so to say. Again, numbers don’t mean much, especially when your full meal was from lunch time the day before. I do feel a lot of water bloat gone as well. I do feel like my skin is feeling better too, but its hard to say how much that is also because of the great weather we have been having. I can say my body does not ache as much and that it feels “freeish” in a sense of movement.

I don’t have the pounding headache I did last night, but there’s still a pressure in the back of my head. I am hoping a shower and a walk will fix this. I am drinking some hot tea with ginger and lime and that is really helping my tummy.

I am excited to see Kaiva today. I hope she can give me some sense of direction in this world of insane times. Trying to think of the ripples gives me a headache, its like someone dumped a bunch of rocks in a lake and is trying to see what ripples came from what rock. Or maybe its more like rain hitting water…either way, guidance would be welcome.

Well, I think I am going to shower so Bailey and I can go on our walk. I would like to go to the greenhouse today too. I don’t think my peppers are going to grow, I think I may have drowned them and for my tomatoes….well I left them outside the night before last and it got pretty close to freezing, so we will see what happens with them. The peas, basil, and rosemary are doing great however. I also need to brave walmart, I need dishwasher soap and a ball for Bailey for the park. Walmart is such a mess to go to right now but its also the cheapest. Wellllll, have a good day peeps. Be good to yourselves, breath, get in touch with nature, find the beauty in life because even in the worst of times it is still there.

Day 1 Your Super Detox



8 AM on the dot….well…detox causes for the worst foul smelling bowel movements I suppose…

10:30 AM

This morning is going well. Bailey and I took a 3-4 mile walk this morning, it was a beautiful walk. After that I had my first detox smoothie, or mixture I guess. I don’t like heavy “breakfasts,” so I just did the Your Super items. I combined the Super Green, Mellow Yellow, and Skinny Protein and mixed it with water. When you order the detox bundle it does come with a book full of recipes, but I am also trying to stay low carb so a lot of the recipes do not pertain to me. They do look delicious though.

I feel okay alert wise. I probably do feel a little bit of the lack of sleep hitting me but its nothing thats terrible. My body actually feels pretty energized.

So I am downing liquids but keeping variety in rather than just water. I made some fresh brewed iced herbal tea yesterday in case I wanted something other than lemon water. I also stocked up on hot tea, herbal as well. Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love tea, so I am happy that this detox allows me to keep it in. A favorite of mine is the Raspberry Zinger from Celestial Seasonings. Its nice because when I am bored I of course crave sugar as I am sure many of us do, but this is sweet enough without the sugar or anything that it offers just that little bit of sweet kick that I need. I am excited for lunch, I will have a delicious salad.

So there has been no desire to purge or drink. I am honestly not sure why that became a thing. I mean I do, there were things within my mind I still needed to work through I guess. Its an interesting experience really. Like when you are working on yourself in a normal everyday life, you can choose when you face your mind. When the world is shut down though its like you are forced to deal with it, unless you want to fall into bad habits.

Lunch Time 12:11

So because I am still keeping my carb foods low I am not measuring anything. I am not sure if people who do the detox measure or calorie count but if I am eating one meal a day I am not really concerned about that. The book did say to stay away from processed dressings but does have alternatives than you can whip up. I myself like to just be simple and avocado adds the flavor and texture I need.

So with lunch you have the Super Green drink but I added the Skinny Protein in with it simply because I am not using other sources of protein really right now. A lot of the recipes it comes with have protein such as with lentils but those are carbs. I will normally get my protein from eggs and seafood but the detox calls to stay fully plant based, sooo, I am. But I do know vegetables do hold some protein, just not enough for my dietary needs.



I had another cup of iceberg salad with an avocado and tomato with a serving of sunflower seeds. I am starting to feel sluggish. Between the herbal tea and lemon water I have 100 oz of liquids down easily. I think I am mainly bored because no work is coming through right now so I am just sitting here but have to make sure I am logged in ready to go when something comes through.

413 PM

I had my Forever Beautiful mixed in with a small amount of berries and water, delicious. I feel myself wanting to splurge though so I am going to take a shower on my break.

7:25 PM

Well, I ended up having another small salad after I donated. I normally feel the need to eat after donation. I am having another serving of the Forever Beautiful mixed with the Mellow Yellow. Its not too terrible, but I think if I would have mixed it in with berries it would taste a lot better. I didn’t want too much food before bed though. I have read people aim for 5-7 servings of the mixes a day so I don’t think I am overdoing it on that aspect. I feel sorta sleepy, the lack of sleep and lack of caffeine I can feel now. I do not expect to really get a headache though. Anyways, I feel full and satisfied but not like gross, just satisfied. I also do not have the sick like feeling I always get after donating. I am not sure if I can contribute this to the products or not as its only my second day.

8:42 PM

I am exhausted. I am sipping on my Bigellow Sweet Dreams tea. I think Bailey is exhausted too, we walked over six miles today. My first day without caffeine, I am proud. To be honest I have been wanting to cut out a good chunk of my caffeine intake for awhile, thus why I switched to tea. Even with my tea I will use 2-3 teabags in one and have a cup of black tea and a cup of green tea, so its 5-7 bags of caffeine, granted still less than coffee, but I would like to be able to have a cup of green tea or something with one tea bag and be ready to go. I like black and green tea so I know I will not fully give it up but if I do this detox once a month, that should be very beneficial.

I think I will start drawing again. I kinda left my picture half way done. I am thinking maybe I could sell it once its finished. I wish the library was open, I would like a good book to read. Not just one off kindle either, I want to be able to read and smelt the pages, that feeling of flipping through the pages. I plan to buy some more batteries so I can play my Kingdom Hearts III more too. I keep forgetting to buy batteries. I wonder if my memory is going to get better with this detox. Bailey has a potential pup date with a friend of ours. We met them at a dog meetup once, his pups name is Fonzie, I doubt Bailey remembers her but she’s not a really hyper pup so I think they should be fine.



Well, I have showered and am now drinking some lemon and ginger herbal tea. I wanted to start my day out with something hot. Lemon and ginger is also good for the digestive system. In the book that comes with the detox set it said to take turns going from hot to cold water when showering, its good for the muscles apparently. While I do not feel stiff, the cold water was rather unpleasant, if there was any for sure benefit it was definitely the shock to alertness. Either way, I do see myself doing this from here on. I do feel pretty exhausted though, like I could sleep for hours upon hours.

Well, I am going to get dressed and go on my morning walk with Bailey. I have not had my Super Greens yet but plan to when I get back. Have a beautiful day peeps.

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