Lets talk about chemtrails, aka weather modification, or cloud seeding to be exact. So we all know I moved to a small town outside of the city back in November. Out where I live, Ice Crystal Engineering, is the main manufacturing hub for cloud seeding materials. I was always a “conspiracy theorist” when it came to chemtrails, now I realize I was really just uninformed. I drive by this building every time I leave or come in to town. When I was at the bar a couple months ago I had randomly brought up chemtrails and one of the guys at the table had laughed because the main hub for cloud seeding was literally next door. In fact, the manager bought me a drink too. He was just a regular guy in a small farming town, who helps make it rain.

This also made me think about vaccine conspiracies. We all know I am in charge handling drugs being used in clinical trials, and before this I worked for the company that produced mRNA such as CRISPR. People think we are so top level security extravagant….but…we are not. I am just a normal person. I suppose this is the same train of thought I had before I realized the non-extravagantness of the building and people who manufacture the products for cloud seeding.

But now, my question is, is it wrong? Is it wrong to modify the weather? Many would say we are playing God, many others would say we bring rain to drought stricken areas. The ones whos opinions are invalid because they are flat out wrong would say we are intentionally spraying chemicals into the air to control people.

I do not believe there is a right or wrong answer because the world is not black or white, it is grey. In my opinion we live in a complicated and fragile world. So fragile of a world that a virus that is not deadly in the realm of viruses, key words, in the REALM of viruses, can almost cause a worldwide global economic collapse. Imagine if the virus did have a high mortality rate? Imagine an even closer potential catastrophic danger and that is food shortage. The pandemic has definitely caused issues with food production and transportation, but imagine if there was no food to process? We were looking at major drought and there was no rain in the forecast for weeks. A few days ago the planes were spraying and now we have had rain for two days and will for a few more. We were already feeling the effects of the drought with fires due to high winds and low winter precipitation. When I was driving home last week I was pretty much going through a dust bowl. Some areas were hard to see because the topsoil blowing was that thick. Is it playing God to make it rain? I do not know…I just know I am very thankful for the people who have helped make it rain.

Today is 56 days sober, I did not feel like talking about anything depressing with the eating and drinking and whatnot. I annoy myself when I talk about my issues. I cannot stand complaining, and when I talk about my problems I legit cannot stand myself. So, I hope this will suffice. Have a good day!

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