She was never praised for being beautiful or smart…quite the opposite really
Many found her stupid
Most found her ugly
Sometimes even disgusting
She was average in grades, too shy for sports, never amounted to anything in talent, and was often an outcast and bullied for being too socially awkward
Very few believed she could succeed at life, so she didn’t
Instead, she believed all the bad about her
And it pushed her down….
So far down in fact, I’m sure many expected her wind up dead
For years she wandered in a barren landscape till she came to the edge of a cliff
She tried to jump, but failed
So she decided to try again, but with a running start
Always failing to make the jump but becoming a little more determined each time to get across
Three steps forward, two steps back, one step forward, two steps back, running start…and after many failed attempts, she finally made it on the other side
All of a sudden she had all the opportunities in the world in front of her
But it was scary
Suffering was familiar and familiarity is comfortable
So she just stayed at the edge of the world for awhile, stuck in limbo, afraid to move forward, but never wanting to look back
Then one day, she looked around at the same surroundings she woke up to day after day…every long day…nothing changed…
And she realized nothing would change until she started taking the steps forward…
So she did
She walked into a world of opportunity, freedom, self-love, independence, strength, and hope, and left the cliff and barren landscape behind…
I’m sure she could never find her way back to it again even if she tried

Published by Unbreakable Kitten

Headed East towards the horizon

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