“Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.”

I had that tattooed on my forearm after jumping out of a plane this last summer.

I had said for years I would skydive but always had excuses not to, normally financial, but really I was just too chicken to go.

I also had wanted a tattoo for as long as I could remember, however permanency scared me.

Months of struggling through the first half of covid were pretty mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially strangling. Maybe suffocating is a better word…

But….Because of the suffering I have become someone I never had thought was even possible!

You see, the first half of covid I was like everyone else, and I knew for my own sake, I had to jump out of that plane. I had to face my fears, face death straight head on and if it wanted me, well, I was giving myself to it.

The rush of racing thoughts and air deafening my ears almost equaled the chaos the world seemed to only hold….but then…the parachute opened….

There was a hard jag….then silence…and when I opened my eyes I saw the beauty and peacefulness this planet really does hold.

I had a different unimaginable view of the world and my outlook on life completely changed there on.

I realized nothing is permanent because life itself isn’t, and I went and got my tattoo.

The beauty of life is nothing will ever stay the same, every day is a chance to be better. Terrible things will always happen, they can make us or break us, I refused to be broken and flourished…and still am.

As long as I wake up, every day is a chance to be better than the day before.

I am unbreakable!

Thus the significance of choosing unbreakablenative as my website for LimeLife.

In this toxic world we all need to be unbreakable. What do you need to do to be confident? Strong? Successful?
How are you pursuing your happiness?

I can guarantee you nothing makes the start of my day better than looking in the mirror and seeing beautiful fresh skin and perfect laying makeup. That’s me, is it you too? If so, is that being achieved? If not, check out my website ❤️

(And I will continue to post (hopefully) inspirational stories 😃))

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Headed East towards the horizon

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