War Is Brewing

Will it be Civil War, WWIII, or both?

Well, a couple days I went sober, stopped smoking weed, stopped the dieting, and stopped the purging. I wish I could keep the lifestyle I have been living in the town. It has been great to forget about reality. It is a town that is frozen in time. That doesn’t stop time from existing outside of it though.

Last month I had prayed to God to tell me when I needed to wake up, when it was time. The last three times I drank were normal, like any other, had a great time at the bar and whatnot, didn’t get wasted or anything. The first morning after I woke up and it was almost like a voice saying I needed to be alert and stay sober. It happened again and again, the third time being louder and almost saying there would be no other warning. The two times that I drank after the first warning I kept hearing in my mind I needed to stay alert and that I shouldn’t be drinking. So…I stopped. Stopped the drinking, the weed, the dieting, and the purging. I am drinking as much water as I can to clean out my system.

I am certain war is coming. Not just any war but World War III. I feel like the socialists, who obviously control the media, are trying to create civil war so we are weaker against our enemies. I have heard China is in Canada and Mexico. Trump signed the Insurrection Act for D.C. and there are many videos people are taking there of a lot of military moving in and ammo. Trump wouldn’t use all that ammo on civilians, not the amount being brought in, it would end up looking like Tiananmen Square. The capital is blocked off. I have heard military is being moved to our boarders. People who are riding Amtrak have had their routes disrupted. I have heard of airports having their planes grounded but I do not know if that was only temporary and they are allowed to fly again or not. I keep hearing military jets in the sky, I cannot see them though. D.C. went dark last night, but this was expected because there have been blackouts across the world. I see articles where leaders are changing. Not every country is going to agree with socialism (Communism). Trump woke up a lot of people worldwide and gave people worldwide the strength to start speaking up. Even if a government was Socialist, the people are starting to raise their voice and fight back. I think this is it guys. I don’t think Trump is stepping down. I don’t know how to feel if he isn’t though. That would be a completely different scenario. That scenario would be we would have a president whos family members are known to be a part of the CCP. China would be surrounding our boarders then for an easy takeover. This doesn’t make sense though because our military are primarily patriots and would do what they could to protect the citizens. It wouldn’t be easy…and Trump gave the people the strength to fight back. I suppose he has been grooming Americans to be prepared for awhile. I appreciate that, regardless if he stays our president or not.

I do not know if Jesus is coming again or not, but I feel like we are getting close. I know people have been saying that for a while now but this is the first time in history we are so interlocked and connected. I do feel we are starting the tribulation. Its been said for awhile this is a war between good and evil. I understand now what is meant by it. I will pray that if it is the tribulation that I may be forgiven. Even if it is just war and no tribulation, I will still pray, that if I do die, God will have mercy on me.

Many passages about the end of times say to pray for the lost souls, to try and bring them back to God. I would not wish Hell on anyone, even the man and boys who molested me. No…I will pray they find God and repent. I will pray that I can be forgiven by anyone whom I have hurt.

I ask you all do the same.


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