Merry Belated Christmas, I just realized I had posted the full out truth on Christmas lol. I actually forgot it had been Christmas, I had just seen I had been deleted more on social media at the time. If any of those people are still following my blog I just wanted to explain my side too. In the end though, I would rather not keep fragile relationships in my life.

I have lost many friends and family this year due to COVID opinions and political differences. I am okay with this, because again, fragile relationships. I will not apologize for trusting my instinct and knowing when puzzle pieces do not align. Luckily….now millions in America (if not billions around the world) are waking up. I do not feel alone now and even if I was, God knows the thirst for righteousness that is in my heart.

Oh yeah, so I started a new job last week for a pharma company. They store, package, and ship vaccines and medications that are being used for clinical trials and so on. They were just bought by a worldwide big pharma company so things are changing but that makes the benefits, pay, bonuses, and ultimately promotions better. With my experience from the last bio-manufacturing plant I worked their plan is to fast track me on up. I loved driving school busses but with the shut down of sports and trips there really were no hours to be had. I can not live off averaging 20 hours a week. The managers there were pretty upset I left, which I understand because they are short handed due to Covid and will be hurting once things open up, but I have to do what’s best for me. Needless to say they weren’t exactly the nicest to me once I put in my two weeks notice, which is a bummer because one of them was like a friend, but….I guess maybe not too.

I think this year has just brought out peoples true colors because its been so exhausting people can’t hide who they really are anymore.

I see the hardening of my face, the wrinkles that have appeared around my eyes, the relaxed sadness my mouth portrays when no one is looking.

Last New Years I was hopeful for a better year and had goals, now….heading into 2021, I am realistic.

I am grateful though for my eyes being opened. I feel like I am watching the un-woken society from the outside. Lies are obvious but believed by many. People want to believe the lies though, they don’t want to face the truth. Truth is a bitch and means facing demons. Truth makes people realize just how low they can sink and how easily they can be lead astray. If we are not honest with ourselves than how can we be deserving of heaven? Love, honesty, righteousness, and everything good is God. Ignorance, deceit, hate and everything bad is of the devil. Fear is a lack of trust in the Holy Spirit.

I hope to get the anger and hurt out of my heart with my daughters parents. There are so many mixed emotions. But its deserved none the less, there has to be self accountability when one refuses to face their demons.

I have a hen boiling for a good soup tomorrow. I just ate some bacon and eggs and have a really good tasting coffee I am drinking. I am thinking of trying to make sugar free iced coffee since I hear thats all the rage right now. I still love this little town and my apartment. Damn ladybugs seem to love my apartment too, I suppose this winter has their hibernation all messed up.

Bailey and the cats are good. Bailey is pretty happy these days I can get some fresh chicken scraps for him. The cats are happy they have a bigger apartment to run in and lots of windows to look out. We are pretty happy and content I think all in all.

I should get going, lots of chores to do. I just wanted to write a less emotional post. Have a good day peeps, stay safe and pray for enlightenment.

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Headed East towards the horizon

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