My mind is exhausted today, I slept like crap last night and took a nap in between bus running today. I have a lot to sleep on. I am still stressed about moving and finances.

I am worried about my mom. Once I get moved I am going to have her come stay with me occasionally. I am done staying away from my mom. Mental illness can be deadlier than a virus with a 99.6% survival rate. I am done staying away from loved ones, if they are okay with me visiting hell yes I will.

I am worried about the election and the future of our country. For some reason I have a huge negative feeling in the back of my mind that this election will not effect just America. I feel like theres a big picture at play. Its like a web draped all around the world. It starts with a single line, then the spider webs more and more until that last bit of web that links everything together and no one and nothing can ever escape. Maybe….something will come along to eat the spider before it finishes.

Or maybe…the world is not as connected as I feel it is.

I am also half asleep right now lol.

I am not a fan of censorship.

Americans need to look to reservations to see what false promises and freebies do.

Anyways….I don’t know if anyone is listening or watching but I hope you all are keeping your heads up. Please pray for the world. Goodnight.

Published by Unbreakable Kitten

Headed East towards the horizon

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