Mega Ranting, Sorry….

Hello my wonderful followers. How was your day? I hope you all are well. Life is being weird and stressful.

I never thought I would live through such a dramatic time in our country’s history, a turning point where the future of America could change overnight; a time where our freedoms and the power of our vote is at stake. I won’t go into much detail since all over TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are getting banned or shadow banned for supporting our president and pointing out cases of fraud. These aren’t just any cases either, they are legit videos and documents and statements that a deemed false or hoaxes within a matter of minutes or hours. Then these creators have to use backup accounts and its just weird. But its not making sense because these same media platforms are allowing the most racist and vulgar things to take place but those of us that call for our votes to be recounted and asking for people to investigate voter fraud, we are going against “rules.” IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

And then extreme liberals justify it by saying “well the platform has the right to choose what it allows,” and thats true, but these social media platforms are a huge influence on Americans minds. This has been happening since Covid happened, like, the silence of our opinions, and its only gotten worst. In the beginning we all had opinions, like the media was pretty split, but now you have to to believe everything these big agencies say. Than George Floyd happened, and you weren’t allowed to have a different opinion on that otherwise you were automatically racist, but that lead to telling all white people they were racist if they didn’t chose the democratic side and that lead to cultural appropriation and cancel culture being everywhere to the point there is nothing of minorities anywhere. People are rioting and if your against the rioting then your racist. If you vote for Trump your a racist. And now….if you believe theres voter fraud you are a conspiracy theorist and are immediately silenced. This has created such a division, a dangerous division.

The mass media has become dangerously influential.

But…within this, we have almost been fed to hate protesters because of the rioting and looting. But many of them are said to have been paid, and then they get others going because they feed on their anger. So its like we are being tricked into hating our first amendment of Free Speech. And over the years we have been taught to hate guns because they are dangerous. There goes our second amendment to bare arms. How many rights are we willing to give up for safety and security? Especially with Covid happening and shut downs being the future if Biden wins. Fear….fear is the key to control. You see, I know this because of experience.

But its there, its so there, and to be honest, I am scared. I have never prayed so hard in my life nor said the rosary so much. The moment voter fraud is allowed to happen in an election is the moment our right to vote is taken away because our vote no longer holds any power. I’m scared for my family, friends, and most of all daughter.

Within these lockdowns churches were closed, and I know many are still not seeing the amount of people they had before. Could the right to practice religion ever be taken away? Who would care? Many people have lost their faith in God and look to materialism and immediate stimulation for happiness and lust for love. Would people care if the right is taken away if they think its silly to believe in God? However….I see many tweets about people who have found God again because of Trump. I cannot say if he is why I found God but I do know the freedom and practice of religion of ones own choosing is what has helped make America strong.

How are so many platforms deeming everything “debunked” and “false” so fast? Even Google…without an investigation when theres videos that are constantly being removed when those same people are willing to lose their jobs to testify.

And now politicians are allowed to openly make threats towards the American people for supporting our president without repercussions?

And when did it become okay to burn a flag but not hang one on your property?

A part of me wants to believe that it will just be four years under high taxes and whatnot like under Obama, but another louder part of me says if we allow this to happen, it will be the last election. Elections that we know our vote counts because it no longer will.

And when did socialism become okay??? When was socialism not the last step to communism???

I am a minority female, Native American. My people have never been safe and I have a dreadful sinking feeling in my tummy.

At the same time though, I AM FUCKING PISSED buttt I have seen such unity among not just Trump supporters but other Democrats who are seeing things are not right.

I know I have readers around the world, how does this look from the outside? Is anyone paying attention? I would like to think we have a worldwide influence, not like we are Kings but I would like to think the world countries all influence each other in some sort of way.

Anyways, I should probably try and get some sleep, I have church in the morning. I just needed to vent. I have never felt like my freedom and rights were ever at risk, but I 100% feel this now.

I just really hope other countries are watching and praying for us.

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