A Beautiful Day

Good Morning! Its a gorgeous sunny, deep blue sky day with not a single cloud. Its a comfortable 67 as I type with the windows open. I have my incense going with a cup of coffee right beside me, yup, its a good morning. I even got to sleep in. Last night I remembered I have today off from BOTH jobs, as long as it’s Thursday which I believe it is. So….yay…I think today will be a lot of tacos and video games.

I might have to delay my sky dive jump a couple weeks. It really depends on how finances are. I am wanting to conquer my fear of water and learn how to swim. That has an initial payment of $120. Its three payments of $120 and is 15 classes once a week from September through December. I think its a necessary skill to have, but it also gives me more options of exercising so I don’t get bored at the gym. Once school starts I won’t be working such a terrible schedule, I am just trying to work as much as possible right now. Once I am on a schedule though I want to work out again every morning. I have to keep my energy flowing. There is supposedly another stimulus package in the works, because our country can totally afford that but whatever lol. But whenever I receive that I think I will use it to skydive. Its just the swimming has longer lasting benefits.

I am being good to myself tomorrow and getting a pedicure and probably another manicure. My nails keep breaking and I think it is because I have them longer, so alas, I will sadly shorten them. I just really like them longer because they make my fingers look skinnier. The pedicure I am mega excited for. I am doing the one where they have the hot rocks. I have flat arches and they massage deep in there with the heated rocks, I love it. So, that is tomorrow.

There is really not much going on other than constant working. I am officially done apologizing to that one guy. Its for the best, I am actually very happy with it all. I started drinking when he came back into my life. Not that I am using that as an excuse, we just aren’t a good combo, not even as friends I guess. But thats okay, he is not a bad guy, we just are bad together.

I think I will end it there. I have little ambition today lol. Last night I was really struggling, but hey, I am alive and healthy. Have a good day peeps, look for the beauty in each day, even if its only small and simple, hold onto that and let it grow. Goodbye peeps!

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Headed East towards the horizon

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