First Jump

Ok guys, so skydiving is FUCKING AMAZING! And terrifying. It is something I will definitely do again, maybe even this season because theres a discount with multiple jumps in a season. But yeah, the only words I can really come up with are terrifying, intense, and amazing. Its terrifying when you first jump off the plane and your blood is pulsing so fast through your system you get this intense high. But as your falling and let your arms out its almost comforting but still very scary. Its not like a carnival ride where you get that sinking feeling in your stomach. The air pressure is so strong against you that it feels like your on a very comfortable mattress almost. Its very loud in your ears and in your mind. And when the parachute opens its just a sudden rush of pure peace. Its so quiet, you smell the freshest air, you feel a slight breeze across your face, your literally flying with the wind. You see a whole new view of the world, one that you can’t have sitting in a plane, the world looks peaceful. You see birds flying underneath you, the sun, the deep blue sky, and the horizon. Your able to move and see it all around you. Theres so much to take in and feel that you don’t fully comprehend it all until you’ve been on the ground for awhile but when you do its just like holy shit. I dived at 8am this morning, it is now 9:30pm and I am still living that high. I have never felt anything so intensely loud but then within a second intensely peaceful. Yeah, I have a definite love for the sky.

Published by Unbreakable Kitten

Headed East towards the horizon

4 thoughts on “First Jump

      1. It could be a great idea to pursue! Make sure you do you’re research. You never know what amazing doors that could open up for you!!

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