Why did I low carb again? Ugh

Another day of bloat. Its okay though, thats what happens when you eat carbs after not eating carbs for awhile. At least the itchy legs are gone, for some reason I swell up in the legs the most after eating carbs and they become itchy. That is going down now a small bit though, I don’t completely blow up when I eat carbs now. I am still taking my detox mixes. I probably should stop eating heavy carbs like bread and crackers and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. But I have been in this predicament many a times, it should get better soon. I have been downing liquids, that is the only thing you can do when eating carbs again, and Miralax. I do feel the detox powders are helping this time around. I should honestly be following the directions buuut yeah…carbs are also very addicting when you haven’t had them in forever.

I have just been trying to take it easy on my body. I do wish that it was nice enough to walk outside but its been pretty cold, we have freezing temps coming. I had to my my plants into my closet and leave the light on for warmth, so its sort of a greenhouse right now. At least the gym will open Monday.

Maybe the next couple days I will down a lot of liquids whenever I feel like eating. I should steam some vegetables. I did buy some sweet potatoes and leeks so I could make some soup. I should have bought vegetable broth. Oh well, it is for Saturday. I think my friend and I are going to eat on Sunday so that should give me a couple days to recover.

I am going to go to bed though, its a little after nine but I need all the sleep I can get since my body is doing sorta a recovery. So have a good night y’all, sweet dreams.


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