Not As Planned Again lol

Okay, yesterday did not go near as planned (does that surprise anyone?). I mean, I didn’t eat meat so that is good. I just didn’t stick to the plan fully because I wanted to play video games last night so ate pita chips, pretzels, and hummus. So, detox will turn into a 3 day detox? I mean, it could be 5 if I don’t go out to eat with my friend this weekend. I don’t feel too terrible, I mean my head hurts a little, I think thats the lack of caffeine for two days. Maybe I am sensitive to caffeine too, because I have only been drinking like two green tea servings, so its not like thats a lot. But I am sensitive to everything else so why not caffeine too?

Its a pretty chilly morning again, 34 degrees right now, Uffda. We have some cold weather coming, my knees were starting to act up a little yesterday. Luckily the gym will open on Monday so I should be able to start strengthening them with weights. Also the tanning will be open too, THANK GAWD, because tanning salons are hella expensive. It will also be nice to go for when theres these chilly mornings, because who wants to walk in that?

Also, I just realized that when I chose my plants the other day I told the guy who was helping me I face East….I FACE WEST, Whyyyyy am I always getting mixed up on east and west? Ugh, west….west west west…maybe I will go back on lunch today and make sure I didn’t choose the wrong plants.

So I have not been drinking as much water as I should lately and it is defiantly showing. So I started out my day by drinking 32 oz along with a lemon ginger tea. Lack of water is not good for the body at all. So today I will drink 165 oz today, because I think my weight is sorta fluctuating between 162-165 so I want to be on the the top end. I am just going by an oz for each pound.

To be honest though, even though I didn’t do the detox to the T yesterday, since I did pig out a little, I mean, it was pretzels and pita bread so not like candy or chips, I still feel pretty good. I did load up on fruits and vegetables. I actually found out I love tahini. I still don’t really have sugar cravings, that ended with the last detox, so thats pretty good. So, maybe meat really is the problem.

How is it already Wednesday? Is time just flying by for everyone else too?

Wowwww, sooo totally finished up the pita chips, pretzels, and hummus today. Ugh…so anyone who has ever yo-yo’s on low carb knows that’s when you go back to eating carbs, YOU BLOAT LIKE A WHALE. Strangely enough, my joints feel okay. But yeah, totally a whale right now. Ugh….thats why you need to stay away from salty products and down the water. I actually did probably get close to my water amount in. I took three servings of Miralax tonight. Constipation is a great time. I meant to post throughout the day how it was going with the detox, but yeah, didn’t happen lol. Well, my tablet is about to die, so I wish you all a good night. Better luck tomorrow 🙂

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