Another Detox-Day 1

Eeesh, who woulda thought I would be doing this detox again. I am doing it true to its core this time, so no caffeine, fruit smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, and smoothie for dinner. I guess there are other items one can have for lunch, salad just seems easiest. I also bought tahini, I really have no idea what it is but a lot of recipes call for it, and the owners of Your Super love it, thus why many recipes call for it I’m sure.

This morning I am having one of Twinnings ginger teas, its for digestion but has other fruit flavors in it. I am doing this 1. Because I like having a hot beverage when I wake up, and 2. My digestive system is going to need it, especially going from low carb back to Whole Foods.  At least I know now that meat makes me sick, like I always knew it of cheese and milk products, just not meat.

So I am starting this much like the other detox in terms of what I am hoping for, so, there has been bloat, not terrible, but definitely there. I want to get rid of that, the scale says 165.4 this morning, but two days ago I had a lot of food and I am sure my body is still working on that, plus tacos from yesterday. I also am getting itchy skin again. The one thing that I do not believe I mentioned but did happen yesterday was my ears ringing. I don’t know if many of you remember, or if I ever mentioned it, but I have had problems with ringing in my ears. Except I now realize I never had that problem when eating plant based. Last month during my cycle I really craved meat and so ate some of course during the course of the week, and I remember my ears ringing. I did not think too much of it at the time, actually I thought maybe it was because of my cycle. Well, I have been eating meat since the end of my detox, so roughly a week, and when I was at the store yesterday my ears started ringing again. So, itchy skin, bloating, inflamed joints, ringing ears, these are the things I want gone, and if eating a plant based diet for a week makes them go away, than logically I can only assume meat does not work with me. Also, I have been getting those tummy pains, maybe its because meat is more filling in the tummy? I don’t know, but I didn’t have that problem either when eating plant based.

Soooo, weed over liquor, vegan, avocado on toast, soon to be plant hoarder, salt lamps, incense, sage, crystals, tea over coffee, all natural products, essential oils, against war, hates inequality,  yoga, meditation….My tastes have changed completely from when I started blogging.

I love the rain. Bailey and I cannot go on our walk this morning since we have been having a good rainfall all night. Its a good thing, the rain, I feel bad for the farmers. I am not a fan of the soon to be food shortage. I mean, maybe there won’t be, definitely on meat, but theres a lot of bare shelves at the store. I would say a good chunk of items is half at best but common to see things trickling on 1/4 to empty.

Eeesh, not even 7 am and I am a yawnin, I literally slept through the whole night, like 9 something PM to 530 am. It felt great.

I am now drinking my palo santo tea. If I am detoxing my body I might as well detox the spiritual side of it too. I think I should smudge my apartment today. Its nice to wake up not feeling anxious. Is the anxiety a side effect from meat? Its all so weird. Maybe its more of a subconscious guilt knowing I am contributing to animal cruelty by eating meat.

So next month is June, the end of June is when my time is up for my temp job. Its not a good feeling counting down time. The coroner driver deadline is the end of June also. I really feel like I should work with dead people. With dead comes new beginnings. Anyways, maybe that will somehow work out.

I think Bailey is bummed about not going for a walk. I think he is liking being more active a little more. Too bad we cannot see Hawkins today. Yesterday we walked with them for a little while. Hawkins seems to like Bailey. He’s such a anxious pup though, it’s sad. But Bailey and I walked on the outside of them yesterday, and Hawkins usually is all over the place but he wasn’t so much when Bailey was on the side of him. Bailey stared at him a lot. Maybe tomorrow.

So Saturday I think it going to be a fun day. The guy and pup we had our play date with last weekend would like to again. Right now Saturday looks kinda cruddy, but maybe it will get better.I think we are also going to go out and eat, we have both realllly been wanting sushi. We will see how my tummy is doing too I suppose.

I am going to go take a shower and figure out what I want my smoothie to be today. I made a list yesterday to take to the grocery store and naturally forgot it, so I didn’t remember half the items. Well, have a good day peeps.

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