Uffda, back to vegetarian

Well, I have decided to do a cheating detox, as in, I can still drink my green and black tea, but will still follow the rest of the Your Super Detox program. This is to reset my body again, get the meat out of my body, slowly add in grains and legumes, and see what a result without meat is. Today will be mainly salad I think, I have to shop for carbs.

So the scale said 169.6 this morning, but yesterday was a very big day of eating. Yesterday morning is said 162 something, so again, I am not doing the scale weight as a means of fat loss, but just because its important to know how weight fluctuates. Once that food digests it will go down. I am starting to have weird eczema  again, thus why I am wondering if I am allergic to meat. My back is sore but I think that might be from moving around furniture. I was so exhausted yesterday, even in the morning I had to take a two hour random nap.

Okay, so detox didn’t start today. I wanted to test meat one more time, yup, tacos made me sick, exhausted, itchy, and bloated. I went out and bought vegetarian options, Whole Foods, nothing processed. So weird I tell ya.

Well, I felt like shit all day after eating meat so I am going to take a nice hot bath with salt ,tea, and lavender. I will than curl up with a cup of hot tea and a book and fall asleep. Goodnight my peeps.

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