So Exhausted

Ugh peeps, ya know, that detox worked amazing but I have to say, even now, I just had so much energy. Today was nothing but go go go go. I FINALLY got a hair cut and my eyebrows done, seriously, I was feeling like a matted dog. I also washed and vacuumed my car. I went to walmart and bought typical necessities (that shit adds up fast, especially with a dog and cats). I went to the greenhouse to pick four more plants. I have been finding some on facebook and whatnot, but I need eight total. I also went to the crystal shop to talk with the owner, I should be starting Sundays in the next couple weeks. That would be nice because I would still have Saturdays off. I like talking with the owner, she interesting, and really likes coffee. OH YES, and the CBD Oil, is ONLY $39 with a sale, so I didn’t have to spend $100 on it! I also bought that dream catcher, ugh I love it so much. After I did all that I planted my flowers in their little pots, planted flowers for outside in hanging pots, like the long kind that go on the rail. I also finished carpet cleaning  the remainder of the living room, rugs, and my bedroom (tempurpedic beds are fricken heavy) I also planted my peas, rosemary, and basil. Bailey and I didn’t do our walk today, but I figured that is okay, I got over six miles worth of steps in. Bailey needed a day off anyways, tomorrow we will be back at it. So yeah, there was just really no time to blog. My hair appt was at nine this morning and I started off the day by doing my car before it. It is now 10:25 and I just got done with my bath not too long ago, now I will have my night time tea, read a book, and sleep very well. Have a good night peeps.

Oh yeah, I ate a chicken taco today along with my detox powders.  You keep using them for the remainder of the month because they are very good for you. Ugh, amazing man, thats all I can say.

Bruh, fresh clean carpets are amazing.

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