Looonnng Day, Good Night

Do you ever just want to give your mind a break and run away from the world? I mean, running never gets you as far as you need to go and you always have to go home eventually. What if your home was somewhere else though. This already was near impossible before, with a soon to be shitty economy (if not already) there would be too much risk. Plus, I am not sure I would even find a home in America, like theres places in Europe that look beautiful. I have heard that some can be racist though and that theres places where you get mugged. But thats here too so, I don’t know.

So I made a beef roast for lunch. I feel gross. I am starting to wonder if I should be eating meat. But if I don’t eat meat than I can’t really low carb. But maybe if I ate a fresh plant based diet I can lose weight and be healthy. Can someone be allergic to meat? I haven’t found any satisfaction with it, quite the opposite. It is all quite weird. Maybe I should do another detox to get it out of me but also incorporate protein plant items. I just don’t think I can eat meat anymore. Which is a bummer because there are times is smells really fricking good. And its so good for muscle building, but maybe there are other sources that can provide as much protein I need. I do want to build muscle. I just didn’t think I was going to feel so sick after eating meat.

Oofta, very busy day. Work never slowed down and then I went out and bought a carpet cleaner, went to the crystal shop and just spent three hours carpet cleaning my living room, like FULLY, moving everything and whatnot. So it was a good day. I will write more tomorrow. Good night y’all.

Published by Unbreakable Kitten

Headed East towards the horizon

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