Sorta Gloomy Lol

Wowwww peeps…..never eat chili pistachios before bed. I mean, I shouldn’t be eating before bed ANYWAYS buuuuut, I got a little to caught up in Netflix. Theres this show called “Never Have I Ever…” and its actually pretty funny. But because I did that I had the worst nightmares all night long. I just felt full and bloated, which makes sense because who seriously eats a serving of pistachios lol, ESPECIALLY while watching a show. TV is detrimental to health for real. Uffda.

So the first dream is one that really freaked me out, but I was also half awake too. For some reason I thought the power went out (even though I was sleeping in the dark) so I don’t know if I was dreaming about the lights being on or what but all of a sudden the power went out (it didn’t really) and I started freaking out. I am not sure when I woke up  but I remember shaking pretty bad and sitting up in bed and trying not to cry. I used to be afraid of the dark, like I couldn’t even sleep with the lights off, so I am not sure why this freaked me out. But I got up and looked out the window (I think I was awake by this time) and the other building lights were on so it made me feel better about it not being an apocalypse I guess. I was sitting in bed shaking but than common sense got a hold of me and said I should try and turn on my light and guess what? It turned on. I was still gasping for air and my breathing was mega off and my heart was racing, so I feel like I was fairly close to a small panic attack. I had to lay in the light for awhile to calm back down, also my sheets were drenched. I continued to wake up about every hour after that and that one happened about midnight. Another one that really freaked me out was I was laying sideways (it just seems more comfortable lately) and I had the cats pinning me down and Bailey. Well, there was this freaky horror movie skinny dead girl with a freaky mouth who sat up and than turned to climb on me. I was paralyzed (sleep paralysis) trying to scream but I couldn’t. I know when this happens its a dream and I need to get myself out of them so I of course woke up screaming and gasping. This time I was really sweating and hot, and I am pretty certain the reason I couldn’t move was because I was under all my blankets and the boys were pinning me down. So, I slept only under a sheet and opened the bedroom window. It wasn’t really warm in my bedroom either, not as warm as I normally like it, I just was that hot. I was bloated and gross.

Buuuut anyways, this shit is known to happen if I eat shitty before bed, like Chinese, ugh chinese food can be the devil, its delicious sure, but dang, makes me blow up like a whale. I think it was the influx of sodium really, that shit can mess you up, especially if you have been detoxing. It doesn’t take much to mess up the natural rhythm of the body. I will need to find healthy snacks, like maybe cheese crips or something, or chicken jerky,  something low carb, for tv snacking.

So I actually feel pretty good this morning though. I am having black tea because I am out of green tea. The skies are blue and the air is clean and crisp. It is Thursday, wow week flies by fast. Tomorrow is payday and I should be receiving my stimulus today or tomorrow, which means some bills are getting paid and I can get my CBD oil.

Regardless of how I feel about the virus and how dumb the idea of quarantine is,  I actually will support it being as prolonged as possible. During my walk today I realized that as long as people are slowed down by quarantine they are paying attention to their surroundings. In terms of global warming, this can be a very good thing. Its so easy to turn off the news or close a story of extreme weather happening. Its so easy to turn it off and go do something fun, because as long as its not in your backyard, you don’t have to worry about it. Covid-19 has proved that. Regardless how I feel about it, a good chunk of people never paid any attention to it as it was slowly making its way around the globe, not until it got to us that is.

Dominos…dominos dominos dominos….problems build up, one by one, eventually they get closer together till one falls down and they all fall down.

COVID-19 and the Doomsday Clock: Observations on managing global risk

Well, I was hoping to write more about goals and dreams but today is actually extremely busy and I would like to make sure to have a blog published, so have a good day everyone! I have already walked 5 miles! Be good to yourselves.

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