Your Super Detox-13.6 lbs LOST



10:19 AM

Well, Bailey and I did our 2-3 mile walk this morning.

I have no avocado today and do not feel like going to the store for the obvious reasons that its just a pain in the ass to go these days. So since I have no avocado I am using real butter as some fat today. I do not believe in margarine at all and find all the ingredients disturbing. Plus real butter just tastes better. So I am having my first bag of steamed broccoli and cauliflower with butter, pink Himalayan salt, and pepper. The plan for the detox says to stay away from salt, but since I am not eating anything with sodium such as  beans, I have continued to use Himalayan salt. It is one of the best salts for you anyways. I am very happy I had the matcha this morning, but I am still excited to get back to real caffeine lol.


Welp, that butter….talk about kick starting the colon. I am not sure if thats what happened but yup…..that was the worst smelling poo I have had in awhile, smelled like fermented rotted vegetables.


Well, I ended my 5 day detox at 5 tonight. I was feeling light headed and knew I needed protein in me. I did not feel bad about this because I had pretty much started it on Wednesday afternoon when I got my items, so really….it was pretty much a 5 day detox all together. When I got on the scale it said 162, so a little over ten pounds lost in five days. I fully expect to gain a few back. Since I was feeling weak and knew I desperately needed more protein I had a sirloin steak for dinner. Yes yes I know…its meat, but I feel great too. I wish there weren’t so many mixed feelings with meat.


I FEEL FUCKING GREAT! So…final verdict with Your Super Detox, its FUCKING AMAZING.  The day before the detox I was 173.4, today I am 159.8…159.8!!! so..I am mega pleased. While I know a good chunk of this is NOT fat, think about all that excess water bloat and toxic buildup I had running through me!!! My body feels great, except sore because after I ate my steak last night I had so much energy so went on another walk, so yesterday Bailey and I had in seven miles of walking. Poor pup is exhausted, but we both need to get healthy.

So fun fact I read about this morning, some human remains were found up north of town. At first I thought this was mega weird and I hope they identify them to give family closure as we have quite a few missing people up here, especially natives (and north does have a lot of low/poverty natives) but reading the comments to the story, turns out the park up North is built on an old cemetery! I used to drive near that area when I was a mail carrier but never gave it a second thought.

So here is a story I found, a little history of the area. While I do not think I believe there is a woman in blue, because I have only seen shadows, and it seems weird that we would wear clothes in the afterlife, I do think there are probably some spirits possible running around. Mainly I think there could still be spirits there because they were poor and poverty class which normally holds much trauma. I haven’t seen anything since I was a kid though, so I wouldn’t mind seeing something as an adult so I know it wasn’t just childhood imagination. Anyways….totally cool.

So I just had my first cup of green tea (ONE tea bag) in over 5 days soooo, I am ready to go out and have a nice beautiful walk. Sorry to cut short, I just feel great! Have a good day everyone!

P.S- The featured image is the dream catcher I will be getting this weekend. Its made with Tigers Eye.

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