Day 4 Your Super Detox


3:48 PM

Today has been a good day. I had my drink this morning, Super Green, Mellow Yellow, and Skinny Protein mixed up with water and flax seeds….highly DO NOT recommend the flax seeds because it makes it slimy lol, so…it was hard to choke down LOL. I had my big salad for lunch, another early lunch. After lunch I had my green shot, so Super Green mixed with lemon juice, which…if your not used to adding fresh lemon juice from lemons to stuff, start with small squeezes. I had a small amount of chili pistachios for a snack and than mixed my Your Beautiful in with some iced herbal tea and its delicious. I have a small headache in between my eyes, but nothing like before. My knees feel great actually and I can barely feel any ache in my back.

This morning Bailey and I went on a small walk because we had a play date this after noon and I didn’t want him to be too tired. I would say he got quite a bit of good exercise in from playing fetch. I however did not get many steps in sooo, I think I will go on a walk by myself tonight.

I kind of do want to go to bed fairly early tonight. I am just feeling weird, like head wise. I think it is still lack of caffeine and since I have work tomorrow I do not want to be unfocused. Its kinda funny to have my head still in a cafunkle because I always thought I did really good on the caffeine after quitting coffee for the most part. Well, tomorrow is my last day, I am going to make it a good one.


Well, I am eating a salad, spring mix with cucumber, avocado, and seeds. Nothing fancy but I felt hunger coming on. I haven’t eaten my last salad since like 11 this morning. There is a difference between feeling hungry and being hungry. One thing I do not want to do is be used to hunger. Remember, I am someone who fasted for days at a time so I would lose weight. Honestly the better term is starve. But anyways, I figure as long as I keep good fresh vegetables running through me, a salad isn’t going to hurt, and will honestly probably help quite a bit to keep me on track for my last day tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to make my main course a lot of steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and I mean A LOT, mainly because steamed vegetables are easier to digest, and also because I have a crap load of them LOL. Anyways, I am very proud of myself for being on DAY 4 OF THIS! Like for real, I feel very good. And I do not have a pounding headache for once. I took another tea bath with pink Himalayan salt. Yeah, I just feel very good.



5:54 AM

Wellllll, I actually feel really good this morning. I did not sleep very well last night though, we had a thunder boomer around midnight and the windows were open so I woke up and than my mind did its wonderful brain storming. Don’t know what to tell you about that brain of mine. I am starting this morning off with the Power Matcha because of that though. I know it has a small amount of caffeine, less than a bag of tea even, and I know the detox says not to use it till after, but Mondays are the busiest days with work and since I am new I do not want to fall behind or be thought of as slow. The Your Super Facebook page, when asked, does say to use your best judgement. Also, when I used the Energy Bomb on the first day I think that was meant for a pre-detox lol, because I guess that contains caffeine as well, oops. First time around, I am learning lol. Honestly what matters is how I feel.

That being said, I am SOOOOOOOooooooooooo excited to eat some good food tomorrow. I do GREATLY feel that this is a great jump start to a low carb diet and I do GREATLY feel like its good to do once a month. I just will have to learn to make better smoothies. I should probably buy some keto sticks to see if I am actually in ketosis. I probably am, yesterday I had the keto mouth, if you’ve ever done low carb you probably know what this is.

Today will be lots of steamed vegetables. I am not had a bowel movement in two days so I am really hoping that the steamed vegetables will kick start it because I know my tummy is digesting. So, I plan to go overboard with the vegetables, and raw vegetables are harder to digest, thus why they make me very bloated and gassy. We will see how that goes.

Well peeps, I had better shower and take Bailey for his morning walk. Have a good day y’all!

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