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Day 3- Your Super Detox


10:51 AM

Well, Bailey and I did a two mile walk but I could tell he was getting tired so we came back. He has been working hard lately. When I got home I noticed I was feeling lightheaded so I decided to make my lunch early. Another very loaded salad and of course the chili pistachios because I am officially addicted.

I should let people know that even though I am not able to have many of the recipes provided because I am low carb, and even though I am only eating one meal a day, I am still making sure I am getting 20-25 grams of carbs and at least 1200 calories a day. It is also why I am not afraid to have the chili pistachios either, because even though they can add up quickly in terms of carbs, I am still staying in my macros. Also, if you are doing a keto detox, I highly recommend splurging on the avocados a little, they are a good high fat and will help keep you full.

4:46 PM

Well an early lunch has left me feeling hungry so I am having a fresh salad. Actually its like half the leftover from lunch.

6:53 PM

Bailey and I just got back from about a three mile walk. Now I am brewing some Twinnings Turmeric tea, it is a orange and star anise flavored herbal tea. I will be putting my Mellow Yellow in it. The reason I chose this tea in particular is because of my digestive system being messed up, I want all the extra goodness possible. I am about to take a tea bath with lavender and pink Himalayan salt. My lower abdomen feels tight. It does this occasionally. Its uncomfortable and bloated.


7:38 AM

I really miss caffeine. I will be so excited to have my first cup of green tea, I will keep it to a serving though. My scale was 164 this morning, but I mainly wanted to put that to show how the body weight fluctuates. I feel like I am a little constipated, my lower abdomen really hurts. I do wonder if I have chrones or IBS. I probably should have gotten the colonoscopy and endoscopy awhile back, but I don’t know, maybe a healthy lifestyle based on a fairly vegetable based diet can help. Too late now, if its not life or death chances are procedures are still a long way of being up and running again. Maybe with my smoothie today I will grind up some flax seeds.

So I had my astrology reading with Kaiva yesterday. It is really weird how my life was pretty much set out, like growing up and the past couple years. I mean, the past couple years is when I really started changing. 30 years is supposed to mark an important milestone in my chart I think, like the next six years is supposed to be full of development and growth. It also said I need to help people, which between the cards and the astrology reading, both saying that, both predicting the past couple years change, both knowing the turmoils and my future, I don’t know, logical me says its a coincidence, skeptical me says the reader has her own perception, but investigative me realizes they are all pretty spot on. She also said right now was a time for me to really start upgrading and bettering myself, which is kinda funny because I felt the need to detox and to upgrade my blog membership. I should also be getting some valuable relationships in my life the next few years. So…we will see.

I am feeling a little sore from all the walking, but my back feels good and my knees aren’t hurting so that is nice. I am hoping to take Bailey to the park today, I bought him a couple balls to fetch.

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