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Day 2- Your Super Detox


Day 2 of the Your Super Detox got a little rough

7:30 AM

So it was fairly chilly this morning so we didn’t do our walk. It is supposed to be in the mid 60s so we will go for our longer walk tonight and go for a walk on lunch. I decided to  use the time as an opportunity to stretch. That felt pretty good actually.

I am now drinking my detox mixture, I combined Super Green, Skinny Protein, and Mellow Yellow in with my toasted coconut almond milk and I have to say that is a terrible combination but I am choking it down lol. I just wanted something with more substance, but next time will most definitely stick to water. Again, I know there are recipes but I am a simpleton in the mornings lol.

I feel sluggish mentally. Body wise though I feel good. I do not feel bloated. I will be downing liquids today.

So GOOD NEWS! My stimulus is scheduled to be sent out 29Apr2020. Ugh finally! It is so needed. My landlord called yesterday asking for rent so as long as the post office doesn’t lose it, I should be getting back up on my feet soon.

10:30 AM

Well, I have been feeling a desire to eat but I think that is pure habit. I have been drinking water and hot tea all morning. I am not hungry but the lack of caffeine does seem to be hitting me now and when I am tired I eat. It does not help that its another fairly slow day with work so I am sitting here looking at a screen bored. I am happy I stretched this morning, my back and joints are not really hurting like they were, but it also is not bitterly cold weather outside either which really gets them acting up. While I am excited to see how I feel at the end of the detox, I do fully plan on buying a bottle of the Crystal Rock Healing’s new CBD Oil. I did use CBD oil prior and it worked wonders, but I really like how this one is grown and harvested. I do not want to use anything while doing the detox either because I want to know exactly how the detox improves my health.

1:40 PM

I just got done with lunch and I might have overdid it a little but no worries. I had a extra large salad. It was the mixed iceberg salad, kale, green pepper, scallions, tomatoes, and two avocados with pumpkin seeds and pistachios. The sorta baaad thing though was the pistachios because they were chili flavored (artificial ingredients), but it was needed.

You see today I have been feeling sorta anxious and almost dreadful. I keep pushing it away because there is no legit reason for it. Like obvious there’s a pandemic but something feels so much bigger than that. I feel like I am being split between two thinking processes,

1. This is only the beginning of a major change. People will put the virus out of their minds but it wont actually go away, which in terms of viruses, is okay, we have gotten through much worst. But there’s this feeling that dominos have fallen and the virus is what really started it. I do not believe it was made in a Chinese lab, they were able to edit the AIDS virus out of embryos with Crispr…I would give them a lot more credit then to make a virus that is .66 of a percent deadly and none the less infects their own people. If anything, I would expect them to make their DNA immune to such a virus. No, I feel this is the direct “retaliation” of the planet against humanity. It is also an effect of the warming planet. Nature will always know how to keep balance, even if it means getting rid of humanity. We have been warned from years with the changing weather….and the last few especially with the dramatic increase in severe weather. So yes, I good part of me believes this is only the beginning of the end in a sense.

2. Another part, which I feel is mainly just false hope to make myself feel better, is that everything will be back to normal by the end of the year. I do not think I really believe this though….theres too many things at play. Theres too many people at the top of the food chain who are making decisions whom don’t have a clue what they are doing while others are using it, as I feel, to gain full control.

But anyone who follows me knows how my mind will run off on me with scenarios when I am not feeling great.


Welp, had the raunchiest decaying fowl smelling bowel movement. It was weirdly but understandably very green. I am also very thirsty. Normally though once I really start drinking water then I REALLY go at it so I am not sure this is abnormal.


Well….I am tracking the detox sooo…the nitty and gritty as well…and so there was another bowel movement.


I am having my, what was supposed to be with lunch, green drink. So the Super Green, Mellow Yellow, and Skinny Protein mixed with water….learned my lesson lol.


Bailey and I took a three mile walk. I have a headache going, its not terrible but definitely not pleasant. I’m sure its a caffeine withdrawal but I feel for anyone who lives on coffee.


I am exhausted and my head is starting to pound off and on. I just took a bath with Himalayan pink salt and lavender essential oil. Anyone who is doing this should be ready to experience the worst smelling gas and runs. To be honest though, its still nothing compared to when I changed to a primarily plant based diet.

I am excited for my reading tomorrow. I hope this pounding headache goes away by then. And with that I am going to bed.


So I slept quite a bit. I did wake up a little after three and was full of energy but common sense me said nooooo, and went back to sleep. So it is now 7:50, the sun is shining, I have the windows open for fresh air, its a great morning. I also had the worst stomach ache this morning but I feel great now. I should also mention that since causing havoc on my digestive system for 12 years with the bulimia, my bowel movements have never been “normal” so to say. Like they have been regular at times but a lot of things can really upset my tummy. So everyone might not have this experience.

This morning I mixed my Skinny Protein, Mellow Yellow, and Super Green with berries. Its not terrible, could have added more berries but I did not want to up my carb count too much. I think…..it would help a lot if it didn’t look exactly like what came out of me, but thats okay, years of bulimia has given me no gag reflex lol. I mainly wanted a higher carb count because I do have a busy day planned so will not eat a big lunch.

The scale said 162 this morning. I was not planning on checking my weight till after the detox but I just felt “lighter” so to say. Again, numbers don’t mean much, especially when your full meal was from lunch time the day before. I do feel a lot of water bloat gone as well. I do feel like my skin is feeling better too, but its hard to say how much that is also because of the great weather we have been having. I can say my body does not ache as much and that it feels “freeish” in a sense of movement.

I don’t have the pounding headache I did last night, but there’s still a pressure in the back of my head. I am hoping a shower and a walk will fix this. I am drinking some hot tea with ginger and lime and that is really helping my tummy.

I am excited to see Kaiva today. I hope she can give me some sense of direction in this world of insane times. Trying to think of the ripples gives me a headache, its like someone dumped a bunch of rocks in a lake and is trying to see what ripples came from what rock. Or maybe its more like rain hitting water…either way, guidance would be welcome.

Well, I think I am going to shower so Bailey and I can go on our walk. I would like to go to the greenhouse today too. I don’t think my peppers are going to grow, I think I may have drowned them and for my tomatoes….well I left them outside the night before last and it got pretty close to freezing, so we will see what happens with them. The peas, basil, and rosemary are doing great however. I also need to brave walmart, I need dishwasher soap and a ball for Bailey for the park. Walmart is such a mess to go to right now but its also the cheapest. Wellllll, have a good day peeps. Be good to yourselves, breath, get in touch with nature, find the beauty in life because even in the worst of times it is still there.

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