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Day 1 Your Super Detox



8 AM on the dot….well…detox causes for the worst foul smelling bowel movements I suppose…

10:30 AM

This morning is going well. Bailey and I took a 3-4 mile walk this morning, it was a beautiful walk. After that I had my first detox smoothie, or mixture I guess. I don’t like heavy “breakfasts,” so I just did the Your Super items. I combined the Super Green, Mellow Yellow, and Skinny Protein and mixed it with water. When you order the detox bundle it does come with a book full of recipes, but I am also trying to stay low carb so a lot of the recipes do not pertain to me. They do look delicious though.

I feel okay alert wise. I probably do feel a little bit of the lack of sleep hitting me but its nothing thats terrible. My body actually feels pretty energized.

So I am downing liquids but keeping variety in rather than just water. I made some fresh brewed iced herbal tea yesterday in case I wanted something other than lemon water. I also stocked up on hot tea, herbal as well. Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love tea, so I am happy that this detox allows me to keep it in. A favorite of mine is the Raspberry Zinger from Celestial Seasonings. Its nice because when I am bored I of course crave sugar as I am sure many of us do, but this is sweet enough without the sugar or anything that it offers just that little bit of sweet kick that I need. I am excited for lunch, I will have a delicious salad.

So there has been no desire to purge or drink. I am honestly not sure why that became a thing. I mean I do, there were things within my mind I still needed to work through I guess. Its an interesting experience really. Like when you are working on yourself in a normal everyday life, you can choose when you face your mind. When the world is shut down though its like you are forced to deal with it, unless you want to fall into bad habits.

Lunch Time 12:11

So because I am still keeping my carb foods low I am not measuring anything. I am not sure if people who do the detox measure or calorie count but if I am eating one meal a day I am not really concerned about that. The book did say to stay away from processed dressings but does have alternatives than you can whip up. I myself like to just be simple and avocado adds the flavor and texture I need.

So with lunch you have the Super Green drink but I added the Skinny Protein in with it simply because I am not using other sources of protein really right now. A lot of the recipes it comes with have protein such as with lentils but those are carbs. I will normally get my protein from eggs and seafood but the detox calls to stay fully plant based, sooo, I am. But I do know vegetables do hold some protein, just not enough for my dietary needs.



I had another cup of iceberg salad with an avocado and tomato with a serving of sunflower seeds. I am starting to feel sluggish. Between the herbal tea and lemon water I have 100 oz of liquids down easily. I think I am mainly bored because no work is coming through right now so I am just sitting here but have to make sure I am logged in ready to go when something comes through.

413 PM

I had my Forever Beautiful mixed in with a small amount of berries and water, delicious. I feel myself wanting to splurge though so I am going to take a shower on my break.

7:25 PM

Well, I ended up having another small salad after I donated. I normally feel the need to eat after donation. I am having another serving of the Forever Beautiful mixed with the Mellow Yellow. Its not too terrible, but I think if I would have mixed it in with berries it would taste a lot better. I didn’t want too much food before bed though. I have read people aim for 5-7 servings of the mixes a day so I don’t think I am overdoing it on that aspect. I feel sorta sleepy, the lack of sleep and lack of caffeine I can feel now. I do not expect to really get a headache though. Anyways, I feel full and satisfied but not like gross, just satisfied. I also do not have the sick like feeling I always get after donating. I am not sure if I can contribute this to the products or not as its only my second day.

8:42 PM

I am exhausted. I am sipping on my Bigellow Sweet Dreams tea. I think Bailey is exhausted too, we walked over six miles today. My first day without caffeine, I am proud. To be honest I have been wanting to cut out a good chunk of my caffeine intake for awhile, thus why I switched to tea. Even with my tea I will use 2-3 teabags in one and have a cup of black tea and a cup of green tea, so its 5-7 bags of caffeine, granted still less than coffee, but I would like to be able to have a cup of green tea or something with one tea bag and be ready to go. I like black and green tea so I know I will not fully give it up but if I do this detox once a month, that should be very beneficial.

I think I will start drawing again. I kinda left my picture half way done. I am thinking maybe I could sell it once its finished. I wish the library was open, I would like a good book to read. Not just one off kindle either, I want to be able to read and smelt the pages, that feeling of flipping through the pages. I plan to buy some more batteries so I can play my Kingdom Hearts III more too. I keep forgetting to buy batteries. I wonder if my memory is going to get better with this detox. Bailey has a potential pup date with a friend of ours. We met them at a dog meetup once, his pups name is Fonzie, I doubt Bailey remembers her but she’s not a really hyper pup so I think they should be fine.



Well, I have showered and am now drinking some lemon and ginger herbal tea. I wanted to start my day out with something hot. Lemon and ginger is also good for the digestive system. In the book that comes with the detox set it said to take turns going from hot to cold water when showering, its good for the muscles apparently. While I do not feel stiff, the cold water was rather unpleasant, if there was any for sure benefit it was definitely the shock to alertness. Either way, I do see myself doing this from here on. I do feel pretty exhausted though, like I could sleep for hours upon hours.

Well, I am going to get dressed and go on my morning walk with Bailey. I have not had my Super Greens yet but plan to when I get back. Have a beautiful day peeps.

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