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Your Super Detox (Pre-day+Day 1 Start)



So I guess I will be starting my detox a day early (tomorrow), which is fine I guess, might as well get it over with. So this morning I was 173.4, but I also ate quite a few veggie tacos yesterday too and I ate right before bed and got up early. We all know weight fluctuates A LOT and that those numbers don’t necessarily mean much, especially when its within a few pounds from the day before at 166.8. I also donated yesterday and they put that extra saline in me as well. So, yeah, not overly concerned with the weight fluctuation. That being said, I did still feel the need to record it for a before and after. I will record it again in the morning.

Issues That I Am Hoping Will Improve

So lets go over some physical ‘ailments” I have been experiencing. Since I have been leading a very lazy ass life lately, I have noticed big time my knees and lower back ache a lot. This is to be expected when I have pretty much been sitting on my butt non stop. When it is nice I will take Bailey for a walk but its been pretty bitter lately. When I go down the stairs my knees crack pretty loud. I know the way to fix that is to strengthen them but since the gym is still closed its hard to work them the way I should. I could get home weights but those really add up in cost. I am just really hoping the gym opens back up soon. The governor announced yesterday they will start to reopen things so that is great, like finally! Another thing that has been bothering me is my neck and way upper back. I think this is because I have been looking down a lot and slouching a lot when I am sitting. I have also been noticing some unpleasant skin issues, like eczema almost. Transitioning to all natural products is really helping but I do feel my diet has a lot to do with the issues. I have also been having some weird foggy headaches. I have been trying to cut down on caffeine, only four cups of tea a day, so, detoxing from caffeine could be very beneficial, especially with sleep, because my sleep has been cruddy. Mainly my mind not shutting up and just never being able to get comfortable.


Well my Your Super Detox came in, and I am fairly pleased so far.

One of the books it came with said I could start with the Super Green today if I wanted to so I of course did. I also did the Mellow Yellow because why not get a start on the inflammation part sooner?

So the Super Green weirdly tasted like I was drinking grass. I know that sounds gross but it really wasn’t lol. The Mellow Yellow was fairly bland to be honest, but had a weird chalky turmeric and ginger taste. Both were easy to drink. I took pictures of what each mix is beneficial for.

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So pretty much I start my day with the Super Green, and can mix that with the Mellow Yellow if I would like and even the Skinny Protein. For lunch I have a plant based meal, the book comes with quite a few recipes, and have a Super Green shot along with it. The Super Green shot is the Super Green of course with water and lemon. And for dinner I have the Forever Beautiful smoothie which is the Forever Beautiful, Mellow Yellow, and the Skinny Protein. There are recipes for alternative smoothies as well to make them taste better I am assuming.  I am going to try to stay as basic as possible this first time around.

I took Bailey for a walk and had the Forever Beautiful for lunch. I just mixed it with a couple black berries and strawberries, not many at all because I do not want a high carb count, and mixed it with water. To be honest it is quite delicious! While I am quite excited to start this detox, I cannot count today as I had black and green tea this morning. I also had some low carb tortilla veggie tacos, and the shells are processed. But at least I have those vitamins and nutrients being pumped through me now.

Today 23Apr2020


Well, today is officially the first day of my detox. I woke up feeling sluggish since I had a hard time falling asleep. I don’t know if I mentioned it but I was starting to take melatonin again, which yes, we all know its not good for me to take that. But the past few nights I have been taking myself off it, so mix that with the body aches, it was a lot of tossing and turning. So to start of my day I am using the Your Super Energy Bomb. This one is not a part of the Detox Pack but it was a sample, and it was advised to start the first day with it. While I am writing this I actually do feel myself not feeling so groggy. It has a weird earthy taste, but I am not fully sure what it is. Its not terrible, I just put it in water but I think it would have tasted better in some warm toasted coconut almond milk.

The scale was 169 this morning. Like I said before I do not put a lot of faith in the numbers. I can say that I feel bloated and gross this morning. My skin is still feeling itchy, it might honestly be the stress of the past couple months. Mix that with a very poor diet and lack of exercise and good things cant be expected to happen.

So actually…..I feel as if I would have after I had my morning tea. I cannot say everyone would feel like this because if I would have been my old self where I drank a pot of coffee for breakfast and another pot for lunch, I probably wouldn’t feel much. But since I only really drink tea now for breakfast, I do feel quite awake now. 

I woke up to rain this morning. I have missed rain. I am thinking more these days of my ideal house and location. I do see some parts and I hope to manifest them someday. But I think I want a house on the outskirts of town. I don’t want to actually be IN the city I don’t think but close enough that I can quickly drive into work. I want a nice big yard for dogs, because my plan is to still foster. But I also want trees and a creek. I want a porch too where I can sit at and write while its raining. I guess I don’t even fully care if its close to town, even a 15-20 minute drive wouldn’t be terrible.

So the book guide for the detox really recommends exercise to get the body moving. I plan to take Bailey on some walks today, to be honest….I can’t feel his ribs anymore and he jiggles as much as me, so I think the vet would not be happy. So, its time for a lifestyle change for the both of us. But he also seems so happy and peaceful sleeping and being lazy too. It also really pushes the water intake. So we will go for a nice walk this morning and than I will come back, have my morning Super Green detox drink and down the water like there is no tomorrow. This will actually work well too because I have to donate plasma tonight and the more hydrated you are the faster you get done.

Well peeps, I am going to go get started on this wonderful day. It is done raining so I can go on my walk. Have a good day!

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