A Long Blabber About Spiritual Awakening

I came up with a theory the other day. In Wicca, they believe shamans could be made if they go through traumatic experiences that have completely changed their course of life. A simple search on google for childhood trauma and the spiritual connection fuels thousands of results. There are many who experience childhood trauma, trillions throughout the life of humanity probably, but what causes one to be “different” so to say?

Different as in not another victim, or “survivor victim.” I am sure we all know someone who brags about how strong they are and are “over it” but still cower and feel as if everything can kill them or everyone is out to get them. But different as in they have that sixth sense in a way.

Also when I talk about spiritual awakening, I do not mean finding god or religion. There are many religions and many versions of god or gods, but that is another thing I will dive into because I just had another thought lol.

When we sleep we are said to be closest to the spiritual realm, whatever you believe this to be. It is believed by many that children can see things that adults can’t, some say spirts, some say angels, the beliefs go on and on. I feel there is a connection between them all though. If children black out through traumatic experiences, and they are already able to still “be” a part of the spiritual world so to say, at least see it, than what if when they black out their spirit is actually leaving their body? Astral projection is said to allow the mind or spirit to leave the body. But if the child’s spirit is repeatedly leaving the body while they black out during numerous accounts of molestation or other traumatic experiences, then it would make sense if they grow up feeling closer to that world than others would. And maybe they don’t know they feel closer to that world, maybe they just know they don’t feel close to this world, which could explain a few roots pertaining to disorders associated with childhood abuse.

Speaking of psychology, probably now more than ever science is realizing the connection between the mind body and spirit, of course this was already believed by a few ancients.  But if this is true, than how many disorders are based on a broken cycle within the body? I mean, they have found that a healthy keto diet can help people with epilepsy, but its also been found people who go vegetarian have a higher immune system, as long as its not processed of course. I personally feel the connection is getting rid of processed foods helps heal the body and in turn, help heal the cycle of mind body and spirit. We all have different DNA and different cultures, so everyone’s dietary needs are different, but none of us were meant to have so much processed foods in our life, long term, it only does nasty stuff to the body and leads to cancer and whatnot. But now that I have described my thoughts about that, back to the point.

There has to be something else that happens though that gets a victim of child abuse to the point of being able to “access” that world again so to say when they are older. When I say access I don’t mean disappearing into the spiritual realm. The body is three dimensional, if the spiritual realm is another dimension our physical being cannot access it. But I mean like mind and sprit wise, being able to feel it and just “know” things, and also see things in dreams. What causes victims to have this awakening though? Maybe that is the mental and body aspect. When someone doesn’t feel good they look for quick fixes. So if we are groggy in the morning we grab a cup of coffee, if we are emotionally drained from something we grab a drink, for many abuse victims, if they are feeling alone and depressed they often fill that void with self destruction. We all feel the need to grab something that is a part of this world but not many of us just sit and try to grab something from the spiritual realm. But there are the few who do, and maybe trauma victims are more prone to because they feel that pull from the realm more so than others would.

A few months ago while I was in bed, for some reason I was thinking that if I had told myself anything before coming into this life, what would it be? (In the context that our spirit exists before and after this body and that this body is just a trial) and for some reason my thoughts were “don’t fall for the material things, find your way back.” I don’t know why for that moment in bed I felt as if this life was a test. I know this does align with some religious beliefs of life being a trial for heaven and salvation, but I do not believe its that simple at all, and I really REALLY hope that the life after this is merely praising and bowing down to one spiritual being. That in itself I feel very human like actually. Humanity has always needed rulers, it doesn’t feel very spiritual.

So, apologies for the long thoughts, it was not meant to be so long lol. Also, I did mention Wicca in the beginning but now that I am studying up on it I do not feel that is where my beliefs lie, but I do feel it is a part of the connection as is religion to the spiritual realm, they are on the same level in my mind.

Example, there are major connections between prayer and life events, as in prayer healing and causing “miracles.” In Wicca they use magic so to say to have events happen. I personally believe both are just using energy as they see fit. Mind, body, spirit, if you believe what you are doing will change something than the energy will follow.

And with that, I will end todays post, there my mind goes again LOL. On a VERY positive note, my detox kit will actually be here today, woooo! Well, I had better go shower, have a good day peeps!

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