Good Morning :)

Hello my fellow readers, I am alive and doing well. I have had a few ups and downs but I am sure that is everyone right now. So…. lets get to it.

So I was able to find a job, but its only a temp till the end of June. Its 17/hr though so combine that with the stimulus I should almost get caught up by the time the job is over. I am also going to eventually work at Crystal Rock Healing too, the owners are just waiting for the right time to have me start. The temp job is Monday-Friday 8-5 so weekends will most definitely work. I am not sure what I will do once the temp job is over, but that is the future, I can’t really worry about that, after all, it’s not even guaranteed.

I am excited to help out at the shop though, we all know I love that place. I will take some updated pictures of my crystals later for tomorrows blog. I have gotten some new items to help with self love; bracelet, pocket stones, heart stone, heart chakra oil, and a uplifting essential oil spray. I do legit feel they are working, it has been a few days of using them. One thing I noticed big time (just not while I was falling back a little) was since I have pretty much been at home for two months I was not really wearing any of my crystals, because some days I wouldn’t even get dressed, and if I did for not long at all, mainly just to run to the store. So I eventually started feeling really off and very sensitive around people. Luckily now I am back to wearing what I have, and I do get dressed regularly now, it just makes the day better, you know?

So there was a little fall with the bulimia, not terrible though. I mean, it probably wasted a hundred dollars, honestly probably more, but thats addiction for you. I think a lot of people are probably battling with their minds right now, and I do think that is a good thing. I imagine it to be fairly rough for some people, after all, I have unknowingly mentally prepared for these weird times. I dread to think where I would be at if this happened like three years ago, or shit, if I never changed at all. I would be a drunken bipolar mess right now. Speaking of which, I actually did drink, turns out I really do hate it lol. That’s a simple explanation really, I felt like reason I couldn’t drink was because others around me in a way told me I couldn’t? So, I guess I felt defiant? Rebellious? We all know I am terrible with words. Anyways, I pretty much said fuck it. Hmm, so my mind could not actually get drunk, like my body did, but my mind felt nauseous. I also dealt with a 2 day hangover for about 6 Truly’s? So, I have hated for awhile the aura around drinking, like in terms of how people act, myself included, and the negatives that surround it, because theres a ton. I never actually really hated the feeling of not having control, not while actually drinking. So yeah, interesting little thing there. My mind enjoys being alert I suppose. So yeah, now that I have been using my crystals again, have been meditating, walking, all that jazz, the bulimia has been gone and the drinking was just a learning lesson I guess.

Which now gets me into my next thing. I will be getting another reading from Kaiiva this coming weekend. I was able to find my birth certificate, so I was born at 730 apparently, right on the dot lol. I am hoping she can give me a better idea of my path. Like I have been strengthening my spiritual foundation and it has definitely helped my mental and physical well being, after all, they are all connected. Now with all the uncertainty I just kind of want a little guidance. I do feel it is time to let some relationships go, I mean, I already have in the past few years, but when it comes to the heart I just want some paths narrowed I suppose. I have always seen ripples, but now I am feeling like I am part of the roots of a tree and in order to grow, my roots need to be strong. So, we will see what she says. She has already said I am not dying anytime soon lol. I feel another part of me changing again, is that so unexpected theses days? Not really. Am I special or am I just suffering the beginning stages of schizophrenia?

I have also been feeling like I need a fresh “cleaning” I guess you can call it. I have been trying to find ways that can clean my atmosphere. Of course I have been smudging for awhile now and I do feel that has helped dramatically, just that I feel is more “energy” cleaning so to say. I have been looking at plants to grow inside my apartment, and have also planted vegetable seeds so I can put them on my balcony. I am currently growing bell peppers, two kinds of tomato’s, peas, sage, and rosemary. This is my first year growing vegetables on my balcony so I am not expecting anything grand lol. But I will eventually get some flowers to hang on my balcony also. I did buy two plants to hang, they are non toxic to cats. I originally thought of putting them on my counter but I like the idea of hanging from my ceilings better. I plan to have about 8-10 plants total. I might even have a couple little succulents. But plants are good for purifying the air.


I cleaning the energy and purifying the air down. Another thing I did was buy a salt lamp because that is also good for cleaning the air, also I do not have near the amount of plants that I want so it is good to help till than. I do feel it works great, I just don’t know if  this is mental or not, either way, I feel better. The next thing I will be focusing on is my physical cleaning. I bought the Your Super Detox kit. I have been reading great reviews on it. I am not a huge fan of starving myself on a fast, like I know fasting works great, but as someone who’s bulimia likes to trickle back, I just would rather keep nutrients going through my body. So, that should hopefully come in the next week. So with that, I will have clear energy flow, great air quality, and physical well being. This should create a wonderful internal cycle. I have attached a couple photos of my plants, also, again, this if my first time growing seeds so please no judging on the crappy planting lol. They will be going into cups soon individually.

I also do plan to write daily about my detox too. I am not sure how much it will mess with me mentally, I have ready the shakes keep you pretty full, and you are still able to eat a little too if need be. Oh yeah, I have also been walking more too with Bailey because fresh air and exercise is great for the body.

I attempted to post some videos but it will of course not let me since I am not a premium member right now. When I get my stimulus check I do plan on signing up for that again. I have lost so many readers lol. Until than, feel free to add me onto Snapchat kitten0080. I don’t really snap anything great or special, especially now that the world is shut down, but I do have some beautiful walks.

Also, here’s some pictures of Bailey and the cats, in case anyone has missed them.

So that will be all I have today. I need to get to working but just wanted to update everyone. It’s weird times and I am sure everyone is going through their own shit right now, but some uplifting stuff should hopefully make someone feel a little better? Have a good day peep, be good to yourselves. Remember that its okay to fall and take a step back as long as you get back up. Let love into your heart, and listen, not just with your ears or eyes, but the energy around you. Goodbye. 🙂

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