Stay Alert and Learn

Regardless of opinions on the virus the reality is we are on lockdown and will probably be for a while. When this is “over” normal will not be the normal that we knew so the time to start accepting that is now. I have talked many times in the past about climate change leading to more dangerous viral outbreaks and in the big picture of things we are very lucky this pandemic is a “simple” sort of virus to say, viruses get so much worst. Many have warned this day would come within our lifetimes. It could have been much worst and will be if we do not start changing our ways. This is a huge wake up call as to what a fragile system surrounds us all and how broken it already is. The reality is many people will die, whether it be from the virus or the depression that will follow. Nature needs balance and nature will always win. So here’s a few recommendations as to what you can do during this time of waiting.

Remember all those ideas you always saved for later or said you didn’t have time for?
Do them, and not just cleaning.
Get back into reading, writing, drawing, exercising (Prime has many free classes! And Courts Plus is offering video classes you can do at home), dancing, singing, learning an instrument, learning a language, making memories with your kids, it’s a time to work on yourself and your family. What have you wanted to do for a long time but always say your too busy? Tomorrow has never been promised but its always been assumed it existed.

Put down the alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, junk food, detox yourself fully from any addiction. It is doing nothing good for you. Instead fill the voids with meditation and asking yourself why you feel the need to have this toxin or addiction in your life? Use this as a time to clean your body, mind, and spirituality whatever it may be (they are all three intertwined). If you are able to, go outside, feel the air, see the sky, hear the wind, nature is our friend. Let your demons take over so you can face them and start to heal.

Let go of any negative strings or attachment. The past is the past, as cruel as it is you just have to get over it and move on or that is just another stressor in a very uncertain reality. Make amends if need be, after all, tomorrow is not promised for anyone and has never been. Your loved ones could very well be gone tomorrow or next week so say what you need to say.

If you are in the low risk category of fatality/long term side effects if infected, and unemployed, even if temporarily, start looking now for whatever work is available, even if it is dirty, crappy, or hard work. Do not wait on the government to provide for you. Our new normal is going to have sky high unemployment, do not wait around for a job that might not exist. Get ahead of the ones who are waiting for checks in the mail, give yourself that security. (This is my own opinion, not saying everyone should be endangering their health, but I personally am not going to sit around waiting for a check because its not sustainable for a year or year and a half and there will be a major job shortage after its over, so if you are capable and confident you can survive the virus, than use it as opportunity )

Start really looking at the impact we have on our planet. Its been argued we can’t live without oil or coal and that clean energy is not sustainable, well, nature is pretty much saying “screw you all then.” We can start reducing our impact, even if it means not having a 5G phone, walking more, putting in place products that cost more to be environmentally friendly, otherwise it wont even matter. The earth is warming up, and whether or not you believe it to be man made, it is in our best interest to try and slow it down.

Start getting into gardening and self sustainability. Many vegetables and herbs can be grown on balconies and if you have a yard you can grow fruit even. We need to start giving back to the planet and by something as simple as gardening we can feed the bees. If you are not able to do this, start supporting your small farmer market friends. Get away from the mass produced meat, studies show they have a terrible effect on our climate. And even if you do not believe that, the animals live terrible lives. I am not saying to not eat meat, but to respect the animals and be thankful to nature. Support the small farmers who raise their animals ethically.

The future is uncertain and very grim if we do not change now, this is humanities wake up call. Climate change does not only bring extreme weather, but food shortage, viruses, parasites, water shortage, and it will be our children and grandchildren who deal with the worst of it. So let us mend our connections with nature because in the end, nature will always win. Nature has proven it does not care about borders, humanity is in this together.

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