Day 55- Chiropractor

Well, today was a pretty decent day. I may have drunk a little too much last night as I slept in till 11 but honestly, I do not feel anything negative with it. I definitely relaxed. I had eggs for breakfast with coffee and then went and had lunch with an old friend of mine. I went to the chiropractor and it felt AMAZING! like AHMAZING! He could tell there was a lot going on with my back and neck and honestly, he found areas that were not doing so hot that I didn’t even notice. After all, I am not going to really pay attention to lesser pain elsewhere when I am feeling pain that can be compared to the pain level of labor. I will go see him again Friday and then three times next week. It will be a fairly continuous appointment for the time being. Oh gawd, you should have heard my satchel shoulder, it was SO LOUD! and not just one crack, it was like hundreds of cracks within a couple seconds. It was crazy! He cracked my spine and neck. The cracking of the neck was a little nerving and very loud. He cracked my lower back also, the left being crazy loud as well. Honestly, the whole thing was very loud. It felt so great though and when I stood up, I felt so light. Every time he cracked me; I would get this rush of warmth. It was very weird. Tonight, however, the pains are coming back but I am VERY excited to see him again. It was amazing, just so amazing.

I went to go look at a couple friends shop today where they design shirts. My daughter’s mom works for them. They put the designs on the shirts. It was pretty cool. I am hoping they give me some hours to work, after all hockey games can get a little pricey with beer and fries. But honestly, the pub fries are the bomb and OMG the cheese curds. I am getting psyched for hockey to start. It would be nice to help out at a job where there is no drama.

I didn’t do as much homework as I was hoping to today, but I still got done what I needed to. I think I will be doing my speech assignment tomorrow where its impromptu. It’s sort of weird for an online class. I am honestly very good at speaking these days, I think. Tomorrow will hopefully be milder at work. I hope my partner stays away from me as much as possible. If not, then I guess I will run and hide. It just sucks because I enjoy my job and take great pride in working for a company that makes a huge difference and that has amazing goals. I am proud to tell people about my job. Even though I am just a little guy I am very proud to be a part of the company’s dreams. Oh well, I have done what I can on giving my manager notice of how I am feeling. It was nice to enjoy a day away from her. And most of the time I can handle her, but after a while it just gets exhausting. I shouldn’t have to be afraid to ask her a simple question on a daily basis.

Well, I better head to bed peeps. I have a long day tomorrow. I was fairly good to myself today. The chiropractor was amazing. I had better hit the hay. Have a good night everyone.

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