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Day 54- Over Tired

When my pants rip it is a mortifying sign that I need to take the low carb healthy eating a lot more seriously and stop the B/P, because let’s face it, it only causes weight gain. I cannot say this is all an entirely bad idea because beer and malts are definitely not helping. So, I will take a break off of drinking for two weeks for the induction period. I bought some Truly’s last night, they aren’t too bad and only 2 grams of carbs per serving, but I will save those for later on, probably during a hockey game. Either way, only healthy carbs for the next two weeks because let’s be honest, I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe, so today thrift shopping it is.
I took my biotin and focus supplement along with some fish oil this morning. I have been going to bed later than I would like these past few days, so I am going to try and get a good night’s sleep tonight. If I am trying to keep my brain healthy, I should give it proper rest also. I need to start getting myself back on a schedule. Tired me brings out the bitch, which I think it pretty normal, just my bitch is a bit abnormal.
I can feel myself want to b/p when I am this tired. I have a hard time with self-control. No matter how awake my mind feels tonight, I am going to have some sleepy time tea and knock myself out if I have to.
Well, I have work to do and am trying to keep my head focused, I think the pills do help with that but like I said, I cannot know a full effect until probably a month. I will be good to myself today, you all should do the same. Get a good night’s rest and enjoy your day. Bye Bye everyone!

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