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Day 53- A Sweet Goodnight

Well, today was a fairly decent day. When I bought my new computer a few days back the time/date wasn’t set right according to my region, so I ended up having to set it manually, except I didn’t set the date correctly so I have actually been running a day ahead for the past few days. I caught my mistake this morning and pretty much fell off my chair. I am happy I was not running a day behind but also was able to enjoy my Sunday because I had everything done a day early.
I am getting a full schedule set up for school and life. I have enough going on inside my head I do not need to keep more information in there than need be. I know part of the stress I have is from keeping track of everything inside my head and making sure I don’t forget anything, so I found a great planner to put everything in that is connected to my phone and computer.
When I was taking a test last night Mr. Cooper shut off my power strip to everything. I freaked out bad and kicked him out of the office, luckily it didn’t kick me out permanently from my test but about three questions didn’t count, I still passed enough, but my grade dropped to a B. From here on all animals are NOT allowed in the office while I am testing.
Today was an easy day. I have so many veggies left to chop and some chicken breasts cooking for my salad tomorrow. I am wide awake as I slept in this morning, bad idea. Well, I hope everyone has a great night and be good to yourself. I will be.

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