Unbreakable Kitten

Juxtaposition, Contradictory, Dichotomy

Life Goes On

Not sure if this one has been posted 🙂

Her body burns as her body lays in the hot water bath, she feels nothing. She stares up at an open small rectangular window above her shower;  rain falls from the gutters creating splashes against the window pane. She hears thunder rolling and an occasional drip from her bath faucet. She attempts to lift her leg up…nothing…the pills are already setting in.

“Faster than I thought,” she whispers to herself as she studies the white tiles; she used to think of them as so even, now she realizes how imperfect each line in between really is. She turns her head to look at her bathroom door, white, everything is white, the tiles, door, cupboards, toilet, everything…except for the handle on the window. Maybe that’s why she turns her head back and stares at it till she can no longer see. In a perfectly white bathroom, scrubbed clean from ceiling to every floor corner, why didn’t she see the rusty window handle? As her thoughts fade away her body slowly sinks into the water. The rain continues on as life always does, nothing slows down for the dead.

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An English diarist and naval administrator. I served as administrator of the Royal Navy and Member of Parliament. I had no maritime experience, but I rose to be the Chief Secretary to the Admiralty under both King Charles II and King James II through patronage, diligence, and my talent for administration.

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