Day 44- I Am Here

I started the day by oversleeping.
What do I write about when life is good? It is stressful, but good. I am very boring to myself. Right now, my life is work, school, and trying my best to make time for my family. Even though school just started last week, I haven’t seen my daughter as much as normal and I am missing her. We all go on a walk almost every evening together so that is nice, because Bailey gets so angsty being inside. My daughters sleep has been off so she’s kind of a bitch lately…but at the same time so damn cute and adorable. It’s like when she is being her normal cute self I can barely imagine she is capable of throwing such an over reactive tantrum, but when she does….I do not envy her mom at all…..

3 Minutes’ Worth of Thoughts
I have one assignment left that’s due tonight but it’s going to take a lot more reading to do it. I am hoping I have time today at work or on break to start it. It’s for ethics. I feel like postal management should take some ethic classes.
I saw my breath today, it’s cold enough I had to wear my padded bra.
I think I want to get some rainbow fish this weekend.
I serrated my finger yesterday on tape….it still hurts today…. dry ice really makes it burn. I can see my flesh lines underneath. This makes me want salmon.
I can’t wait till I get my disbursement so I can be back on track. Oh mania, how I wish I never had you…you know how much money you have cost me?
I should make some soup for dinner…I like soup.
The salad from Casey’s was amazing…. I may need to donate today now. Ugh Life.
Wow…I really took that layer off my finger…I can see inside. This is so interesting.
I am cold. I should have brought my work hoody but then I would have been wearing the same thing three days in a row. Oh well.
I am so sluggish. I can’t believe my alarm didn’t go off. Somehow Bailey actually took a piss right away rather than his normal 20 minutes and MAYBE going. I’m so proud.
I love the cooler temperatures; it makes me want to bake. I think I will bake cookies for the man who fixed my car.
I should get a new screen for my phone. I hate this phone; I should have stuck with an iPhone. I will never let my daughters’ parents know they were right.
Oops…just did.

Well, I will end with that…maybe my thoughts are interesting…not really. My mind never shuts off. I am so bored with today. I want to go home. I want to finish up my homework so I can enjoy the weekend. Well peeps, I have got to go…not really but I honestly have nothing to say. Well, good day to all. I need to figure out what to write about. Why can’t I write when I am happy? Well, everyone have a good day and be good to yourselves!

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