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Day 41- Small But I’m Happy

First week of school coming to a close and let me tell you….it was rough a rough week. I am finally getting caught back up to where I wanted to be academically (in other words ahead). I admit for a while there I had the whole “it’s the end of the world” type thoughts running through me. I felt that since the first week of school went so wrong that it was a sign that I shouldn’t even be going. My daughter’s mom called me a fatalist for this, I took offense at the time, but I suppose she was right. My car seems to be an easy fix. I had a coworker look at it and he thinks it just needs a new thermostat gasket. He builds cars on the side so I suppose I can trust his opinion. My migraine is all the way gone and my moods have stabilized. My back feels pretty good although my left knee is a bit on the sore side. It gave out on me last night, but it is also the knee I destroyed carrying mail that was too heavy. “Work smarter, not harder.” I wish I would have listened to this. I am excited to be in school and learning. This is a quick blog because I have been running around all day and when not running around, I have been a lazy bum. So yeah, I feel okay and am optimistic and have control of myself again. Bye-bye.

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