The Cold Hurts

Hello Peeps! So this week was a short week since I had Sunday off but for some reason it just seemed hella long, and I even had yesterday off because we got hit by a cold ass blizzard, I should rephrase that, FUCKING cold ass blizzard. Too cold to even snow, ya know, the good ole -50 (or worst) wind chills being recorded in the state and up to 60 mph winds. I think we only had like -45 here in this ole city and 50 mph winds, not fully sure. I think we might have had an inch or two of snow but really it was just too cold for any precipitation.

I missed two days of the gym, the first morning my tummy was acting up. I think it was the change of diet maybe. It is quite a change. I missed yesterday since one look out my window quickly persuaded me to get my butt back in bed. I did go to my cycling class this morning. I even pushed myself to go harder, I feel good but achey.

So my sleeping has been so terrible. I think this is financial stress. I am not being patient. I think the universe is trying to tell me to calm my tits though because I know once I do than jobs will come calling. I bought an extract that is for anxiety and calming. My mind just does not want to shut off.

Eating is still good. I did pig out yesterday because what better way to spend a blizzard day but bundled up inside with comfort food while binge watching a show?  I still am fully enjoying a vegetarian lifestyle. I make the most bomb ass chili though, as well as a delicious potato and leek soup. I do feel good eating this way and I still have many food options available.

I am finding I have not been making time for my spiritual side lately. And thats okay because I have been hitting the gym as much as possible so its still healthy, just I need to make sure I make time for meditation too. Maybe this is also why I am not sleeping well. I have not been reading as much either. I just need to find a balance. But the good thing I recognize this and can fix it. It’s not even much of a fix either, just a little tweak really.

I have a phone interview tomorrow, finally, a little something. I just hope they pay enough for it to be worth it. Also I emailed another place I applied to three weeks ago and they said the hiring manager was still in the process of looking over apps, which I guess is better than a reject because originally it said wait one to two weeks. I do still have other apps out there and two that I would not mind having at all. The phone interview one is pretty close to me and actually on the road I go on to take Bailey to his daycare so that could even be a thing that could happen regularly. Optimism, have to have it.

I just wanted to give a quick update, just a busy life I suppose, or lazy maybe. I need to start to live by my own words of being patient though. I hope you all have a good day. Keep your heads up, listen and feel what is around you, and if its says be patient, than be patient. I will upload the next chapter in a bit as well. Enjoy 🙂

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