Unbreakable Kitten

Juxtaposition, Contradictory, Dichotomy

Day 21- Mind-Clip

The sky was overcast, a breeze blew the salty air up her nostrils. She sighed as she walked to the playground. There were no roads in this village, just dirt and gravel between run down homes surrounded by tundra and in the distance lay the ocean. In the winter, the river that separated one half of the village from the other would freeze so it could be walked across rather than having to take a dirt road far ahead. The little three-year-old lived in the teachers housing next to the school, the playground was around a school building, so she did not have far to walk. As she was walking, she noticed kids running across the frozen river. There were three girls running from two older boys. She thought they were playing and she wanted to play too. All the houses were built high above ground because of spring flooding and the girls climbed up some 2×4’s to get up to a space underneath a home’s porch. The little girl was not strong enough to climb up so the girls told the boys they could have the little girl instead. She was easier access anyways. So, the boys took the girl to a school porch and once again did as animals do. They only stopped once when they heard someone driving up on a four-wheeler, when they saw it was the girls from before they all, both girls and boys, started laughing. The little girl did not understand why so she laughed too. The boys never did threaten her not to tell, they of course said not to but were nice about it. So, she never said anything, after all there was a lot going on in her family as it was.


The villages in Alaska at the time were like a third world country stuck on the edge of a first world country. I am not sure how they are now since I do not keep up a lot with them. I do know there are still strings of suicides. I know the older man who molested me repeatedly has had three (possibly four?) kids grow up to kill themselves. When I was about 11 years old, we lived on the Aleutian Islands, so nowhere near the village where much of the sexual abuse happened. One day the molester’s wife called my mom. She asked how I was doing and said she wanted to say hi. I never did talk to her but my mom and her seemed to have a chatty happy conversation. I am thinking she called because she found out about what happened. She never did tell my mom and my mom hung up the phone thinking it was just a nice check in of an old friend. I knew better but why say anything at that point.


I love the taste of fresh brewed coffee on Sunday mornings. Yesterday was really relaxing at the lake. I went on a pontoon for the first time. I get really bad motion sickness but did not feel sick at all on it. I remember as a kid I drank coke and ate some seaweed before going onto a fishing boat and barfed badly. I have always had motion sickness, but it seems to get worse as I age. I feel good about this coming week in terms of my b/p as long as everything goes according to plan. I am going to Costco today to buy some eggs, salmon, and veggies if they are a good deal. I slept in until 9 this morning and Bailey just woke up not too long ago at 10:35. He had a great time yesterday and had fresh air pretty much all day. The cats have been running around since 6 this morning and Pip is being a fish. Well, my coffee cup is empty, and Bailey needs to go potty so I guess I will get the day started. Have a good start to the week everyone

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