Being Patient

Hey guys, how’s it going? I can say things are okay for me, mainly still being patient I suppose.

So the weekend was good, I spent a good chunk of it detoxing from sugar and sodium from a potluck but Saturday I spent with my daughter and her parents as usual. It was mainly chill, we made home made pizza for dinner. I am attempting to go vegetarian so I had a vegetarian taco pizza. I am still not sure about how I feel about dairy free cheese (since I am trying to be better to my tummy and not force it to digest lactose) but maybe it will grow on me.

I should clarify that I am not trying to go vegetarian for any sort of weight loss or diet, I am just really against animal cruelty and mass produced meat. I fully believe mammals feel emotions as we do, maybe not all the emotions but they do feel fear and pain. I used a behavioral approach with Bailey because of his past trauma and he is a whole different pup so I am not sure I can eat meat with a good conscious. I suppose I would still eat wild game since they have good lives and I will still eat seafood since they do not feel pain. I will still stay away from farmed fish because that is just nasty. I am avoiding dairy because of my lactose issues. I may look around for farm fresh eggs since they are often in open ranges and live good lives around here. The hardest part of this I think will be finding unprocessed protein sources (since I want to avoid processed foods) and not eating junk food.

I have also switched from coffee to tea. I think I have mentioned wanting to lower my caffeine intake. Right now I do not need all the extra caffeine coffee brings, also tea has a lot of benefits for the digestive system. I will still occasionally drink coffee, after all sometimes its just a necessity, plus its nice going out for coffee. Tea is also just plain delicious.

I have gone to the gym two days in a row, wooo….I think I have a schedule now too. I have a friend who wants to do a marathon in May so I agreed. She came with me today to see how my gym looks, I think we will start lifting weights tomorrow. I am making a goal of doing the stair climber for 5 minutes every day this week, I will be taking Saturdays off though.

I am still waiting to hear back from jobs. It sounds like my current job will be slowly going to hell and non existent by the end of the year. I do have good feelings about this week though, the sun is out, I hope its not for nothing.

So yeah, a pretty uneventful few days. I hope you guys are enjoying rereading my blogs again, talk about an overly dramatic depressed bitch right? Lol, she gives me a headache. I should get going though, want to tidy up a bit before work, mainly wanted to give you guys an update of how I am doing. Have a good day peeps, be good to yourselves, be patient if you need to be but also jump when you feel the urge to. 🙂

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