Tightness in the chest, holding back tears, not being strong enough to and having moments of crying. Smile, try to enjoy the time you have. Laugh, live, and love they say. Cleanse the energy around you to breath, hold onto your black tourmaline for comfort. A sickening sinking feeling when you know your past will always haunt you when you live in a world where money is made from the poor, its expensive being poor. There’s a threshold you try to get above, so many come so close but a small mistake brings down the world on top of them, there’s no room for mistakes when your poor. Humans make mistakes though, its only natural. It’s a harsh world our parents have created for us and we are too busy dealing with the weight of reality to make a better world for our own children.

Far too many in the land of the free and the so called number one country live like this. Don’t get sick or your credit will be shot from unpaid medical bills. Don’t fail college or your credit will also be shot from student loans. Don’t miss a payment or the fees will leave you hungry till payday. Don’t overdraw your account or banks will charge you hundred of fees a day.

Need a car to get to work? Sure, but if you have shitty credit we will charge you outrageous interest.

Need a safe and secure place to live where your not asked for a blowjob or jumped for asking someone if they can move their car so you can get out of your garage? Well, you gotta pay double the rent for that, sucks to be a single female, should have gotten a man instead of trying to make it on your own, stupid women, don’t you know, men still run the country?

Have some mental issues you want to get help for? Well unless you have good insurance your going to the state funded overcrowded buildings, good luck!

Want to eat healthy? Well, better enjoy your food small because you pay extra for caring about yourself. Would you like five packs of ramen or an apple?  Don’t think about the long term health conditions, after all, thats a mess of its own.

Make a mistake and have a child? Well you better hurry up and get rich or you will be  labeled a whore who lives on welfare, fuck the men who can keep a dick in their pants because condoms are uncomfortable, boys will be boys. It’s the women who share sole responsibility, unless if your choosing adoption of course, than a man has the say.

Work hard and you will make it our parents told us, but they created a world that feeds on the poor.

Theres no room for mistakes if your poor, not if your trying to make it. Theres even less room for mistakes if your a female. Fuck you capitalism.


Published by Unbreakable Kitten

Headed East towards the horizon

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