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Juxtaposition, Contradictory, Dichotomy


Gotta have my dramatic moment…

I know what is meant to be will be but I feel like I am screaming inside for something to just work out in terms of job searching. I know everything in my life has gone according to some grand designed plan, I realized this last night, I just wish I knew when it would get easier. There is a plan for me, a great one at that I am sure, I just have to be patient.


Turned down for another position today, whoop whoop, although I fully expected to not get it. I am aiming high and with that I need to be okay with rejection. I suppose my two fears right now are being able to afford bills and being left behind at the bank. Well, I should clarify the bank part, I guess I am just good at pushing my friends to not be afraid to jump and what’s meant to happen will happen. This has caused a good friend of mine to leave and my other good friend to start looking. Like….good for them but we have  so many people whom have left and the last thing I want to happen is to be forced onto phones once our department is caught up. Just gotta take one day at a time.


So I have been eating tacos everyday for the past week and a half…..almost every meal…I think I need a change of lifestyle. I am also having friends over tomorrow evening for Indian tacos LOL. I cheat on my frybread, I use frozen bread dough, but it tastes just as great.

Everybody’s working for the weekend!

So I have a four day weekend, I have decided not to get my colonoscopy or endoscopy yet. I feel better waiting since my body seem to be healing itself very well and quickly but the day are already taken off so I will just enjoy them. I am going to go see The Turning tomorrow with a friend from work, it is nice to finally have a friend who loves horror as much as me. I think this will be a good weekend. Tomorrow movie and tacos, Saturday see my daughter and I think my daughters mom and I are going to grab some tea and head to the crystal shop. I think I will make a list of what herbs I would like to grow also and figure out when they should be planted, maybe I could even start some now. I am hoping to make some extracts, I told my daughters mom she can be the guinea pig because I will need vodka for some and want to make sure its okay to drink…also not because I am not exactly confident on some flowers yet lol. I think Bailey will go to daycare tomorrow too, he has had tons of energy. Other than that I think it will be a chill weekend. I would like to draw some more and maybe read a book. I have been feeling like playing Kingdom Hearts lately too. I do need to donate tomorrow. I also need to get my butt in the gym lol.

Gyms Shymmm…

Speaking of the gym, I was planning on going today for group classes but than had the idea for my blog and than worked on the layout of my blog and started cleaning and doing laundry and ran to Walmart, so group exercises did not happen. I am serious when I say I will get to them though, I just seem to be busy this week. My friend from work said she wouldn’t mind trying some group exercises with me since I get like ten free passes. I think I will take her up on that for some, plus it would just be nice to have fun while working out.


So just clarifying my plan for the blog, I will try to post every day or other day about life currently. Since I seem to be busier I might not have time some days but I will post a blog out of my book for sixty days. That can be found in order in the hyperlink at the top if I did it right. I just thought it would be neat since so many of you were reading my blogs on a daily basis as I was growing and evolving and thought it would be interesting to go back to where I was versus now. So yeah, that is my plan for that.



I keep talking about my crystals so here’s my collection I have currently. I did have more but Cooper seems to have permanently lost them. I plan on getting a black obsidian this weekend since I need to use that for grounding. If anyone is interested in learning more about them I posted the website of the shop I go to. I like to keep this saved as a favorite also because all the crystals are broken down by color, plus I like to look at the pictures.



I keep talking about the extracts and essential oils I am using, so this is what I have come across as loving so far but I will most definitely get more. Herb Pharm is amazing but I do not think they are known for taste, I just really notice a difference when using their products. I use the Prairie Sage flower on my lava rock, I just feel better all around with it. I plan to get a lavender one to help me sleep better. The Patchouli I have noticed helps a lot when my mind is starting to race and it works instantly. The spray is for Bailey, he seems to like it, I can at least groom him now. Herb Pharm I find at our local health stores and the others I find at the crystal shop. 🙂 Just in case people wanted a visual.

So that is all for today, be sure to check out the first blog of my book, I just got done eating tacos so now need to tidy up a bit. Have a good day peeps, and if you don’t, just breath and listen. Goodbye.



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