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I don’t know when I will write again, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe never. I can’t really say what’s all going on in my head right now other than nothing good. Well, maybe its more acceptance than anything. The only person who I needed to give up on me has and with that I can finally give up on myself. Giving up on myself makes smiling so much easier now. I do not like this world. I do not like a world where there are ones who are born to survive and those who are born to live. I do not like a world that is dying. I do not like a world where political games get innocent people killed. I suppose thats where my dad would say life’s not fair, and it isn’t, but I have little strength in me for life. There is no pain when there should be. Who knew giving my heart away would be my death sentence lol. Actually, I knew, I just knew she deserved better. There are people who are beyond repair and I finally made the last person who believed in me give up.

Thats all I got peeps.

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  1. bellabellabella48 Avatar

    I’m right there with you. I’m in a relationship where I thought my salvation has turned into physical, emotional and psychological warfare. I live with a permanent black eye. I don’t even try to cover it up anymore as I don’t live the abusers house, technically my boyfriend until he gets tired of having me around and sends me to the narcissistic abusive torment of my parents house who have been sucking my soul out since I can remember. My life is a living hell, but I hang on for one more day. Each day I want to blow my fucking brains out but I DON’T because I’m not going to let those mother fuckers win. Hang in there. I’m here if you need to vent. My private email is in my bio❣️


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