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Awake and Grumbly

My thoughts are a little better so far today. My back is stiff, I think I slept wrong. I had about ten hours of sleep. A majority of the day yesterday I spent laying around. My head does not feel so full of pressure so thats nice, the ache has worn off a little. I do still feel very tired. Well, bacon and eggs for breakfast with an Atkins shake mixed coffee while blogging and listening to Utada Hikaru makes everything a little better.

So I do not understand much of politics other than its like a bunch of rich pigs playing a chess game and the common folk are the pawns, but apparently while I was sleeping the media got on a WWIII fiasco. I do not feel bad about not understanding politics since really who does but the people in politics? Sure people have their outside view and media source but thats still nothing compared to the games that are played behind closed doors. I think Trump is a perfect example of money being able to buy you anything you want in this country and as long as you have a news station representing you then you can speak gibberish and still get an applause. Since when do the meanings of words mean anything anyways, actually there is some truth to that, Native American treaties didn’t mean shit. Anyways, sidetracked a bit, I guess our president killed a top Iranian general whom depending on which news outlet you read, is a big accomplishment or a grave mistake that the president had been weighing on for days and days or something. I can’t say I know whether it was good or bad yet as the ripple effects are yet to be seen, but if a guy has no military experience at all because lets face it, he was a rich brat during Vietnam and we all know they got let off easy while people like my dad went overseas to fight (its okay though, because Trump didn’t support the war anyways…..which means shit because it didn’t matter if the common folk who were forced to go believed in it or not), like if your military advisors are saying “hey this might not be the greatest idea and these are the potential ramifications,” than why the fuck would you do it? Like you say your wanting to stop a war so you kill a general? When your military advisors say that’s probably not going to end it? And what happened to pulling all the soldiers out? Wait, you mean we couldn’t just pull everyone out? Pull everyone out and than bomb the area and its supposed to fix a war that has literally been going on almost 2/3 of my life? Who knows, maybe this all powerful Cheeto God has ended the war, or wars, honestly I don’t even know what war we are in anymore, or if its one or a hundred, does anyone?

Wow I am grumbly today, still though…

Also, for anyone outside America who might be reading this, there really are people who care about Australia burning, and the Amazon, and honestly the whole world, like there are a lot of us who do pay attention. California and Alaska are burning, we have had extreme weather throughout the country (unless you are talking to those who watch Fox News) but for real, there are many of us who are watching and trying to speak up, unfortunately boomers have always loved to shut us up and boomers are the ones in power right now. I should clarify that to say Caucasian boomers. I was warned from a very young age by the village elders how fragile the world was and the ripple effects that come from every decision. Ironically my dad (white) always found it stupid, guess what bitch, they were actually right. The planet is fragile but can also heal quickly, but like any living thing, eventually there is a point of no return. Maybe there are other races whom don’t believe in global warming, but I am surrounded by probably at least 99% Caucasian’s  so I only have a small world view, but I do know plenty of comments on social media love to laugh at people trying to help the planet. I have also read there’s bots who generate a lot of comments too. Everything is fake news spread by fake bots…


Maybe people who don’t conform to society get diagnosed with a disorder so they have to take meds that will make them conform and if they refuse to take meds than they are institutionalized. ( I feel like this has to be a book or movie). Side note: the more alcohol is advertised and pushed on people (or any mind altering substance) than thats less reality one has to deal with, the world is perfect and great. I think there is more then a chemical imbalance as to why depression is growing, humans are not at one with nature.  In the end we are just animals who die and become a part of the earth, there is nothing overly special about humanity. We have created beliefs that make us superior to animals around us because we have intelligence. With the state of the planet and humanity, do we really have intelligence? We are still animals, just with deadlier weapons.

Well, my bacon and eggs are done as is my coffee. I should shower and let Bailey out. My thought processes do seem to be coming back a little. Obviously since I was able to bitch. I am going to try and enjoy today, I mean I probably won’t succeed lol. I will keep being hopeful for jobs though, granted I am sure no one words on weekends. Goodbye everyone.

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