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A couple things that I do love about my workplace (there’s actually a lot but two are relevant right now) we have a great volunteering program and employees can host the daily team meetings.

The volunteering program is very generous. The bank pays an employee up to 16 hours a year to volunteer and than matches the employees earnings in a donation to where the employee volunteered. I have been really looking forward to getting past probation so I could take advantage of this. I signed up for being a driver for chemo patients. There are many other areas I could volunteer, this one just stuck out to me first I think it could be good for me. I want to volunteer for something I can do long term as well beyond the 16 hours. I figure many people will be doing Salvation Army, Red Cross, shelters, and pantries. I don’t want to seem like someone who is merely volunteering to make myself feel better at the holidays. Anyways, I am hoping I can help a few people out. I am also curious from a psychological point of view how patients can differ from each other knowing they can very well die soon.

The other item I enjoy at work is being able to be in charge of huddle, which is our daily team meetings where we go over numbers and goals, we also use this as a time for fun facts, holidays, stories, things like that, whatever the speaker wants to talk about really. I have done viruses, controversial governmental decisions, police, food, a broad range I suppose, so tomorrow is my turn to lead huddle and I think I will do eating disorders. I have been wanting to make mine more informative, for example next month is Native American Heritage Month so every week I will be talking a little about our traditions and brings some sort of family food.

1. History of Natives in a nutshell, such as where they migrated from and to, beliefs in a nutshell- and bring frybread.

2.Dream catchers- bring gullet

3. Dancers- bring bullets

4. Genocide- bring Indian tacos

I am very happy to have the opportunity to do this, and I joined the Native American business group at work. Anyways, back to the eating disorders, I just feel like it is something that should be talked about more. There is such a stigma associated with it, people do not realize how much more is going on in the persons mind, it is like any other addiction, maybe even worst in some ways because you can take drugs away from people, alcohol, razors, but you cant take food away from people. I am not saying it is worst than an addict, they are all rough, but worst because you can’t permanently take food away from someone, none the less continuously force feed them, it is a disorder that literally has to be taken apart from the inside before any progress can be possible on the outside. I hope I am wording that correctly. Anyways, I am going to talk about the various kinds of eating disorders, when many people think about eating disorders they think of anorexia, but bulimics are often normal weight, and than there is over eating, over exercising, starvation, overeating and than starving, laxative use, its just sad really. I want to talk about ways that people hide eating disorders, for example, anorexics will deny food saying they had a big meal, bulimics will joke about how much they eat and have such a high metabolism, over eaters will hide food, things like that. I will point out that many of these will be accompanied with other unhealthy coping mechanism, often times substance abuse, but also cutting, depression, mania, and putting themselves in risky situations to name a few. I want to talk about the statistics of eating disorders, such as the percentages of people who suffer from them and realistic life span. I will conclude with the best way to help someone who shows signs of a disorder, even though there is not much one can do unless they are a minor. I suppose just being the best friend possible. Anyways, I just really appreciate having opportunities like that at the bank.

Well, I finished up my first day of training at the grocery store. It is so cold outside, even though the temp is like 30, it still feels so bitterly cold. I need to buy a new coat on Friday, I out stuffed mine, sigh. I will need new pants for work too a the grocery store and some comfortable shoes. Ughhhh and Bailey needs his shots, and I need to get to the dentist, there’s just a lot of bills coming my way. Thus is life eh? Well, time to take the dog out and head to work. We can no longer have electronics at the bank other than cell phones. Have a good day everyone!

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