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Coming to and End?

Well, my domain will be expiring soon. It’s weird to think I have been blogging to you guys for a year. I am not sure I will renew. Life has been shitty lately but I am trying to keep my head up. I feel something great is coming, like I am going to be great. I just have to keep breathing and I can’t let myself subside to the bottle. I have been sort of manic spending. I am not purging but have still been using food as a comfort, so more binging than I would like. I absolutely hate my job these days and everyday I think of coming to work I have anxiety. I stress on the weekends of having to step foot in the door. I’m trying to see the positives but my world is mostly dark. I am trying though, I have been interviewing elsewhere. My thing though is I want to keep my safety and security so I can’t exactly live under a certain wage. I feel trapped. I will be okay though, I know I will. I keep telling myself to get my shit together but until I am at that point I cannot. We all know how I am, I will be in a low spot until one morning I wake up and I am ready to jump, I can’t rush myself, no matter how much I want to. It’s how I was able to wake up almost seven months ago and say I am done vomiting and how I was able to wake up one morning and say that I am finding a safe place and how I woke up and said I was getting a reliable vehicle. It just comes, hell, even moving here I just woke up and was ready to go. I just wish I would hurry up and be ready.

Well, in case I decide not to renew, follow me on FB 🙂 Maybe I will find a cheaper place to blog or figure my shit out.


If your interested to know where everything started read my book 🙂



I would like to continue blogging, I just have to figure life out. We will see. I am honestly surprised I am still going lol.

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