Unbreakable Kitten

Juxtaposition, Contradictory, Dichotomy

First Reading

Well, I thought I would start that reading I said I was thinking about, please forgive the awkwardness. Also pay no attention to my cats trying to kill each other or Bailey being Bailey.

It’s been just a blah couple days. I applied for a second job yesterday at the liquor store neighboring me. I am pretty split on if I want it or not. I do not like feeling like I am on a tight string financially. Theres a possibility that I could start working 4-10’s M-T. I say possibility because my boss said I could but than when I emailed him (because my daughters mom thought it would be good to have a paper trail) he came and told me he would have to look into it because he’s not sure if it would be allowed. I could actually make a pretty good defense as to why it’s a good thing but I will wait and see how it plays out. Anyways, I am looking to work F-S-S if it works out. This store is only open till 11pm and 6 pm on Sundays. I would be able to have breathing room, especially if I can do a clinical study. There just happens to be a study being done for $400 more than the original study I was thinking of doing and the same two Saturdays. It would be $1295. That along with my dispersement from college and than whatever I receive for a summer bonus I should be sitting okay. The only thing though about a second job is I will have even less time with my daughter and her parents. I already feel like I’m losing them but the stress of being so close to broke again I cannot stand. My mind is just trying to handle it all and its not easy. So, I figure the worst that can happen is the second job doesn’t work out but I think I need to at least try or I will keep telling myself I should have gotten that second job if things get worst financially. So….we will see how it goes. Theres too much time to think anyways now that theres no classes.

I took Bailey to the park tonight, I actually socialized with a lady. She had a really cute little pup, he was part Corgi. I liked her, she seemed a lot like me. She seemed like she was just struggling to survive also. She was probably fifties I think. I hope I see her again. Bailey ate grass and threw up and her dog kept trying to eat it, dogs can be so gross.

So, a dog park and a resume have pretty much been the only real life events that have happened the past couple days…I doubt they could be considered events but thats how excited things have been. My eating is still healthy and I have my personal trainer in the morning. Well….I hope my video wasn’t too terrible. Have a good night peeps. 🙂


P.S. Hello 2 new readers 🙂 I appreciate you being here. If you would like to know how I got to this point, here is a link.

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