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Storm a Brewing

Welcome my 2 new readers! 😀 (There is nothing interesting today)

Today was another good day of eating clean. I did not count my carbs to the gram but I know I stayed between 15-30 (I get tired of counting). For dinner I have been trying to make enough for leftovers for lunch. Instead of grabbing something quick I can eat cleaner and know what exactly I am eating. ITS ALSO SAVING MONEY!  The 11-7 eating frame window seems to be working well. This morning I did the upper body at the gym and had my IsoPure shake afterwards for muscle replenishment. Tomorrow I think I will try to do more cardio and possibly legs. It really depends on how early I get up. My head feels kind of full tonight but I think it’s because I need to drink more water. My nutrients are where they should be. I do not feel deprived (except of junk food when I was at Walmart) and I feel full and satisfied once again. I do not snack during work with this 11-7 eating window. I am not hungry actually. I eat till I am full during lunch and that lasts me till dinner where I eat till I am full again. I eat less this way but I don’t go over on carbs, calories, and fat. I suppose if it works than keep on doing it until an issue arises.

My coworker got let go early instead of being able to finish her notice. It really bummed me out. I do not know if there will be a going away party for her tomorrow. I hope so. If not I will still be happy to just meet with her and bitch. I have to keep holding on. I know I will be able to find that pride at work again, our company is doing great things. I just have to keep quiet and watch how things pan out. I truly do believe karma can be a bitch, not because theres some supernatural force that controls it, but because eventually we have to account for our actions. I just hope that people see all I did was call out bullshit when I saw it because I cared that much about my job and our clients. As for now, I just have to sit back, shut the fuck up, and write.

I took Bailey to a pup meet-up this evening. He didn’t play much. It was at his daycare. I think he just likes to dog watch. He plays more at the park when we go. It was nice just to have the fresh air. I think we may actually have a storm coming. I very much enjoy thunderstorms. I don’t think Bailey does though so he will get extra cuddles.

I guess days are just days right now. I am just trying to enjoy my few weeks off from school before summer school starts on June 6th. I am trying to enjoy reading what I am interested in rather than school requirements. It is nice to have more time for my personal interests.

Well, this storm seems to be getting closer. I am going to make some tea and read my book (Infected atm) while listening to the storm. I love viruses, they are so beautiful. Maybe I will write more tomorrow. I have a lot of thoughts in my head, it’s just a matter of organizing them. Life keeps happening though so more thoughts get mixed in. Right when I think I have it all figured out something happens. Oh well, I have to keep holding on right? Well have a good night! Have good dreams!


Also, another reader of my book! 😀 Even if you do not finish it thank you for giving it a chance! And if you do like it, please leave reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.com 🙂

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