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Just Being Healthy and All

Well, I have had two good days in a row of eating clean, fresh home made low carb foods. I am trying intermittent fasting. I doubt the fasting will be long term but I am trying not to eat till 11 am. I think on days that I work out I will have an IsoPure Protein shake for muscle replenishment but thats all for the breakfast. One thing  I have noticed is if I eat breakfast than I want to keep on eating throughout the day. For some reason sticking to lunch and dinner I do not.  I have read that it does not matter WHEN you have breakfast but WHAT you have for your first meal of the day that matters. After all, I could work overnights but the first meal of the day is always breakfast. I guess what I have is more of a brunch? My daily nutrient intake is where it should be and I do not feel hungry. I want to stop eating by 7pm. The past couple nights I have done just that. Tonight I took Bailey for a walk after dinner to help digest my dinner and now I am relaxing with a cup of tea. I feel full and satisfied but not uncomfortable.

Dinner- bacon wrapped stuffed chicken with steamed broccoli


So for the readers who have followed me the past year you already have an idea of what my style is. Since I have moved and am all settled in I thought I would take some time to show you and my new readers my apartment.

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I actually just rearranged it and reorganized everything now that it’s warm weather and I can have fresh air inside. It’s like a second spring cleaning. Sorry for the blur. I was trying to do a panorama style and I move too much. Although on my phone it looks crystal clear.

Also, my two year old daughter made me this for Christmas. I think its beautiful. I’d like to think she will eventually be a well known artist.


Someone else must have started reading my book, the page numbers of “read” have gone up the past few days. If you are a current blog reader I hope you enjoy it. If not, thats okay, I wasn’t a big fan either. 🙂

I have always found it really cool when readers from around the world read my blog. It’s not that it feeds my ego or anything, it’s just cool that the world is that connected. Kenya, Sweden, Albania, Ireland, and the Philippines, those are the ones that have stand out to me right now because I haven’t had followers from those places before. It will sound weird but I forget that the world exists sometimes. Not that I think the world revolves around me (granted I am American LOL) but I get so busy with school, work, and life that it kind of feels like all that matters is this neighborhood. I guess unless the fire is burning in your backyard than it’s easily forgotten about. I would love to travel to other countries before the earth dies.

I am thinking about maybe starting a reading video of my book, another words, pretty much read my book out loud on a video in sessions. I am not sure when or how I will go about doing that but I think maybe that could help me reach my readers on a personal level. Right now if someone were to read my book it would just be another story of some abused individual. However, if I have reading sessions than maybe people can connect more personally and truly understand the impact of the story. It’s just a thought though for the time being.

Well, I should probably get to bed. I told my personal trainer to kick my ass in the morning since I missed Monday. I am still trying to get rid of the leg bloat from splurging this weekend. I will probably go read my book as I drink some sleepy time tea. See, thats how serious I am about getting into shape, I could just be enjoying my wine watching documentaries on Netflix, but no, I am limiting myself. Thursday I am planning on going out after work for drinks with my coworker who is leaving. It’s like a farewell. I fully plan on keeping in contact with her though. She’s nice. Have a good night everyone. Sleep well peeps 🙂

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